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Double eleven, these pits mother and baby products do not buy! Sohu maternal and child a year, it seems that there is no Festival can be more than double the eleven mothers can be excited. Children who have a week in advance to discuss what they should buy, what is cost-effective, and some even have to pay a lot of deposit. Do not know if the mother has not started to act? But the feeling of shopping cart so many things, most of them are to buy the baby, the feeling is sent in handy! In fact, this is the largest pit pit pit baby mom products, it is best not to buy! 1, Walker saw the last time there are mothers to help discuss whether to buy a walker, small help here to emphasize, do not buy! Baby long walker, he did not undergo the training of climbing, it is easy to cause his feelings after the imbalance. It is also easy to cause the child’s lower limb deformity and foot varus, or foot valgus habits. 2, a lot of parents for children to pee poo pants convenient, think to buy baby pants. But in fact, it is best not to wear pants. Especially the baby girl. Infants and young girls is a relatively high level of vaginitis crowd, because the vagina and anus is very close, lack of protection of pubic hair, labia minora fat pad, and the lack of estrogen protection. A lot of advice or change diapers often, without irritating soap, less wear tight pants, protect PP. 3, "baby pillow head was completely deformed, very ugly, it was quickly corrected, some businesses will seize this mentality of mothers, that his family can sleep out beautiful head pillow. Don’t fall for it! Some pillow can not only solve the problem of the baby head, even cause the baby cervical developmental problems. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends: baby before the age of 1, is not required to use a pillow! Therefore, the pillow is designed to spend money to increase the risk of the baby, is purely fooled! 4, the baby have a fever antipyretic paste, paste a cooling paste, easy and useful? Fake! A lot of fever Post says the principle is by water vapor volatilization hydrogel to remove heat, this is plainly, physical cooling method. In fact, physical cooling effect is poor. Many authoritative medical institutions have clearly said not a warm water bath. Some antipyretic plaster which added such as borneol, mint, eucalyptus oil substances, these things and cool oil, make local skin feel cool, but not really reduced temperature. Some antipyretic plaster may also lead to allergy, baby. So, since there is no effect may lead to allergies, then do not buy! 5, baby baby nail long gloves, gloves, and warm, and can prevent the baby scratch the face, shoot two hawks with one arrow. If you can’t make sure you don’t leave your baby for 24 hours a day, don’t buy it! The glove inside the head, very easy to cause the baby finger blood circulation, and the baby before wearing gloves were amputated because of the case. 6, the baby suction nose to help the mother Tucao said that the baby is almost a year old, but the nose has been useless. Is not not a cold, not stuffy nose, but, every time with this, the baby that is a struggle!相关的主题文章: