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"Double" and then exposed Zu Feng stills Wang Ziwen interpretation of high-energy kill "double" emotional trailers exposure: scramjet! Zu Feng Wang Ziwen became a couple of Tencent agent entertainment news by producer Yang Li following the "acupuncture" after the effort to build the famous director Mou Xiaojie, Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen, Cao Zheng, together with Ni Hongjie, You Yong, Xiao Han and other public power to send the interpretation of the spy life emotional drama "double thorn" will be landing in Jiangsu TV happy theater in September 29th. In the new China on the eve of the founding of the liberation of the southwest as the background, the spy drama into the complex modern heart feelings of abuse, while the role of opposition and emotional intertwined love between husband and wife, agents of "four angle" of the faith implanted contest, play the melody of love beautiful romantic spy. Zu Feng Wang Ziwen interpretation of "spy couples" spy burning brain mix marriage problems has always been to the weird image obtained by the public in the "double" Wang Ziwen plays a shrewd, playfully wayward daughter of lady, with old artist Zu Feng in a special couple opposite. Peng Gang (Zu Feng) and Wu Peixin (Prince gloze) is a Kuomintang officer, Peng Gang is the commander of the Chengdu garrison command, but the true identity of the Communist Party is a handsome son-in-law, a sleeper agent. They are very loving seven years of marriage, but Peng Gang’s identity to re enable the sweet life to cast a layer of haze. Peng Gang again Cronicas, steal information, eliminate traitors, rescue comrades, clever and deal with the enemy, caught in a few forces difficult to survive. Peng gang and his wife not only in startling step by step, the relationship is very careful, family life was a fatal blow. In order to defend their love, Wu Peixin opened for Peng Gang hidden identity bloody battle. In addition to the extreme emotional conflict, "double" is the integration of a large number of marriage in the realistic "homely lens". The audience will see Peng just cook to "little wife" Wu Peixin in the play, played by Wang Ziwen Wu Peixin also because her husband just Peng Wangui and speculation will be jealous, "sweet and modern friction couples" relationship into the spy’s, strengthen the audience into feeling. Two people in the various quarrel douzui makes the show fireworks more rich flavor, more down to earth. Ex four angle both return to open the ultimate fighting emotion and belief conflict let Peng Gang and itch Wu Peixin relationship and return both love said of an aged person, make their lives in jeopardy. Deng Hanshan (Zheng Cao ornaments) in the play as Wu Peixin’s first love, a seven years ago to hide the bullet behavior so that he lost his lover, his escape from Chengdu. Seven years later, he returned to Chengdu as captain of the team to try the Communist Party agents. With the return of Deng Hanshan, the first love of Hong Ling (Xiao Han ornaments) also came to Chengdu with the task quietly. A pair of "enemy couples", two "former lover", the camp of bloody fighting, four emotions triggered at any moment. In the complicated relationship between the risk, "Wu Peixin current husband" Peng Gang and Deng Hanshan "former love" is not only in the emotional position in the contest, more staged a desperate game between light and shade faith fight and the battle of wits. In the two play and irreconcilable opposed to in the movie, but the brothers of the same master,.相关的主题文章: