Donnie Yen Star Wars Episode Hongkong debut play blind monk special

Donnie Yen "Star Wars Episode" Hongkong debut play blind monk special fun entertainment Tencent "Kung Fu Zhen" charm had touched the Hollywood, this hand swept the world super IP "Star Wars" in November 12th, Disney Donnie Yen held a press conference in Hongkong, announced that the history of the first Star Wars movie "star Wars Gaiden Gaiden A:" next month in Hongkong City, and is expected to introduce the mainland and the country to meet the fans. In a subsequent interview, Donnie Yen revealed the story behind some of the cooperation with Disney, also proved that the high popularity of Disney Donnie Yen and the great charm of hand, "Star Wars" series IP. Donnie Yen modeling debut in Hongkong super iron scene photo swept the world for decades of super IP "Star Wars" has already formed a unique culture, but the first of the Star Wars movie "Disney New Star Wars Gaiden: a number" is introduced for the first time Chinese actor starred, but cooperation is Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen that "a text of Wu" two hottest star power to send. Early in the film, the Global Star Wars fans especially Chinese fans will pay special attention to the new star wars, every information exposure caused by fans excited onlookers and lively discussion, played by action star Donnie Yen blind monk even more curious. The Disney not only to Donnie Yen himself in Hongkong and from the China, Malaysia, Singapore, media interaction, more directly to the role of a statue of Donnie Yen and the real size of 1:1 in the model onto the conference stage, let everyone to full understanding of the new role in the overall shape. From this respect 1:1 scale model, Donnie Yen in the "Star Wars" in a rumor: the shape of a futuristic star culture, Oriental color yet with Chinese Kung Fu style — · Qilu Donnie Yen played inkwin; keep the buzz, wearing a soft, although the blind but resolute Yingwu, back with powerful future energy weapons, holds a unique long stick, China wind flowing robes and metal bracers, hand also implies that the movie will have wonderful "Kung Fu Zhen" let everyone spoiled. After the photo and role model, Donnie Yen is also close to the local well dressed too hardcore fans from all walks of life — a group photo of Star Wars fans dressed as star wars in the famous clone Corps assault team, set out at the port before the media lens, creating the most characteristic picture of Star Wars. For the first time appeared in the blind Master Donnie Yen first played fun alone a conference is not enough to meet the curiosity of Star Wars fans, Disney at the press conference after Donnie Yen also organized a roundtable visit, Donnie Yen is revealed to the media about their roles and background behind the scenes story, and play fun this feeling not only himself in the "Grand Theft Auto No." it is fun, play. According to Donnie Yen, director of the first is that the "Star Wars" with a rumor: a new group of characters to tell a new story of star wars, so he designed specifically for this time, with high strength inkwin Oriental monk role; the role of the original insurance duty"相关的主题文章: