Do you want the world of tanks Sweden 6 TD data-popkart

Have you want "tank world" Sweden 6 TD data source: 20160919 supertest-swedish-ikv-65-ii-full-stats Tier:6 Hitpoints:580 Engine:215 horsepower engine output level weighs Weight:11 tons Power-to-weight:19 tons of 55 horsepower thrust weight ratio, the speed of Maximum speed:60 20 km h Hull traverse:32 second vehicle speed turret speed Turret traverse:26 second track adaptability of Terrain resistance:1055 12472301 visual field Viewrange:350 meter communication range Radio range:615 m armor:15 10 Hull body armor? Mm main gun Gun:9 cm Bofors L 53 Damage:240 240320 Penetration:195 27045 deep wound wear DPM:1 877 mm, 1 ROF:7821 speed loading time Reload:7671 seconds Accuracy:0.307 precision aiming time Aimspeed:1.82 seconds pitch angle Depression: – 10 +12 cm Bofors two Gun:9 gun L 43 Damage:240 240320 Penetration:180 penetration injury 24045 mm 3D model this navigation Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: