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Deep Qilu   exploration and Implementation Path – Shandong Channel – Ji’nan 29 September, September 29th Shandong Internet plus development, with fusion sharing innovation and development "as the theme of the Shandong province Internet plus Technology Summit held in Ji’nan. Ji’nan newspaper group party secretary, chairman, President Sun Yuanwen, vice president of Asia Pacific, Analysys Tianma help CEO Tian Zheng, a group chairman Zhou Bohu, from the government, media and business leaders guests discuss the development and implementation of the Shandong Internet plus. At the meeting, Haier Greentown, Linuo group, Dong’e E-Jiao, Huaxia Bank, Kai Rui, Korn, Jiahua CITS oral restaurant group, please drinking water, Zhejiang bank the traditional industry brand enterprises respectively reached Internet plus strategic cooperation with a group, to carry out in-depth cooperation in the future will be in the cloud, big data, Internet plus industry the solution, brand communication, sharing Internet plus development dividend. Internet plus traditional industries, cross-border integration to promote the sharing of economic development in current era, the Internet to various industries in various fields has brought hitherto unknown impact, profoundly changed people’s life, thinking mode and market. In the "Internet plus" background, how to go, to actively embrace the Internet, to speed up the integration of innovation has become a hot topic. Internet plus technology summit in Shandong, Shandong Province Economic and information committee deputy inspector Zhang Zhongjun stressed that the Shandong Provincial Commission by letter in 2015 issued the "Shandong province" Internet plus "opinion". Shandong province "Internet plus" development of the comprehensive and systematic deployment, and strive to 2018, the province’s "Internet plus" development has made remarkable achievements, and strive to build "wisdom agriculture" and "wisdom industry" and "wisdom" and "smart people", focusing on cultivating the emerging Internet economy, accelerate the realization by province the traditional industry to the Internet economy province. At the same time, the deputy inspector Zhang Zhongjun also expect a group of Shandong as the leading Internet companies can contribute to development of Shandong Internet plus more power. A group chairman Zhou Bohu to the transformation development of Shandong province Internet plus the upgrading of traditional industries and made a profound analysis. He said that cloud computing and big data has entered people’s life, in the background of "Internet plus", create a group to take the opportunity to technological development as the core of development, proposed a technology driven, development of the concept of connectivity inside and outside innovation ", dedicated to Internet marketing, cloud computing, big data the Internet, finance, business and other aspects of traditional industries + help break the bottleneck of the development, to break the trade barriers, the realization of cross enterprise, cross industry diversity fusion. The introduction of "Internet plus" traditional enterprise, does not mean the simple combination function, but with the help of the Internet, the depth of integration with traditional business unit, to promote industrial innovation, realize the depth of reform rather than a simple net, let the traditional enterprises to achieve a comprehensive upgrade in "Internet plus" in the tide. The rise of Western Ji’nan "Qilu Internet plus" center with "Internet +" and "2025 China manufacturing", "public entrepreneurship, innovation and continue to release the bonus policy, the Internet technology talent is in short supply. Shandong)相关的主题文章: