Darai visit Mongolia China requirements of the Ministry of foreign affairs Mongolia to eliminate the tataufo

Darai visit Mongolia China requirements of the Ministry of foreign affairs Mongolia to eliminate the negative effects – the Sohu news observer [network] the afternoon of November 20th, China Foreign Ministry website published foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang fourteen world Darai visit Mongolia to reporters. Q: it is reported that fourteen Darai recently went to Mongolia activities. What is China’s comment on this? A: Recently, despite China Mongolia repeatedly discouraged, insisted in inviting the fourteen Darai visit Mongolia, China expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition. Fourteen Darai is the name of religion, engaged in Anti China separatist activities for a long period of time, in an attempt to split Tibet from Chinese political exile. China firmly opposes Darai’s intention to engage in Anti China separatist activities in any country in any name or name, and resolutely opposes any official contact with any official in any country. China urges Mongolia to recognize the essence of Darai’s Anti China separatist group, to respect China’s core interests and major concerns, take effective measures to eliminate the negative effects of Darai visit the healthy development of bilateral relations, to avoid interference. On November 18th, Darai, who fled to Mongolia, arrived in Ulan Bator. According to the Mongolia news agency reported that fourteen Darai has arrived in Ulan Bator International Airport on Friday, November 18th (local time), the beginning of a visit for four days. Darai was welcomed at the airport by the Buddhist community in Mongolia. China’s Foreign Ministry urged Mongolia to cancel Darai’s visit. Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a regular press conference, "" we urge Mongolia from the relations between the two countries maintain healthy and stable development of the overall situation, earnestly fulfill their commitments on Tibet related issues, Darai is not allowed to visit, do not provide support and convenience for any form of Darai group." According to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) 20, citing the Ulan Bator the Ganden monastery monks Dava Apu Lev, the Dalai Lama’s visit is entirely for religious purposes. Dava Apu Lev is responsible for arranging the visit, he did not mention the plan to meet with the politicians in Mongolia, but he said that the visit is separated from politics, just for religious purposes, Darai. However, the opposition Kulun Temple presided over the Zaandam criticized Darai’s visit to Mongolia’s internal affairs intervention. He said Darai appears to be planning to appoint a new Mongolia Buddhist leader during the visit. Some media reports said that Darai’s trip to Mongolia, is another trip to the wire". The voice of the United States claims that, in accordance with China’s usual practice, China tends to take retaliatory measures against countries that host Darai’s visit, such as the cancellation or postponement of the proposed visit or economic and trade activities. Mongolia is currently negotiating a $4 billion 200 million loan agreement with China to boost Mongolia’s economic downturn. BBC said in a report that during the visit of Darai to Mongolia in 2006, China had used Mongolia’s economic dependence on China to show its displeasure in ways that disrupted rail and air traffic.相关的主题文章: