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Liu Jiangfeng: cool after cannot let the system hinder the talent to play the Sohu technology since last year from President glory division post, more than a year, Liu Jiangfeng rarely appeared in public, until August this year to become the new cool CEO and return to the industry attention, but also to let everyone on the future of a cool look. But in the next period of time, re planning seems to have been busy Liu cool internal business analysis and brand strategy, the cool position is just a word or two. Recently, Liu Jiangfeng finally came to the front of the camera, media access, cool from the current situation, and the competition between HUAWEI and venture into bad feelings, personal relationship with Yu Chengdong, to do a detailed answer. In his view, cool now and the glory of the situation is very similar, then Liu Jiangfeng will choose how to change it? Back in early 2014, Liu Jiangfeng served as president of the glory division, the glory from the HUAWEI terminal’s independence is not long, slow sales growth, had been rooted in the market operators have to develop its own brand, all from the beginning of the development of the foundation, the main models in Liu hailun under listed, sales in the year from $100 million. Soared to nearly $3 billion, which is also considered to be the highlight of Liu Jiangfeng occupation career. Compared with that of HUAWEI, now the cool is not bad, cool before the biggest problem is the excessive focus on market operators, put the whole product brand, planning and sales are handed over to the operator, so when the transformation operators to reduce subsidies, it can not find the direction. The quality and design of cool products have a good foundation but the lack of highlights, and brand channel hailun improper market feedback is not good, in the basis of the quality of products, with performance, model and experience better, and the innovation of software. But for Liu Jiangfeng, such as the lightning speed change of the development of the mobile phone industry, has been out of the industry a year he now is facing the new face of intelligent mobile phone industry, the bonus period has passed, the most potential Internet mobile phone brands have a slowdown, industry reshuffle, these are just a small part of the external cause. To cool itself, with a new team, adjust the supply chain, brand and quality products, services and marketing supporting the existence of internal transformation, all these problems should be resolved one by one to him, Liu also bluntly, "step by step". Fortunately, cool started very early, technology, channels, the main problem is not high, and the marketing channel has been up there, so I can only do the low-end, so Liu Jiangfeng is the first step in the cool brand of comb, change the brand image. From the product innovation, quality, design should convey enough to impress the new brand concept. The first step is to introduce innovation, differentiation, second is the introduction of fashion, with a sense of design products; the third is the basis of quality." Liu Jiangfeng believes that now cool to do is to identify the market positioning, accurate marketing, brand reputation, based on good products, so that users feel satisfied. After the establishment of word of mouth, do not have three generations of the four generation, two years on it. Mobile phone industry changes"相关的主题文章: