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Commentary: in the economic and trade cooperation to open a new journey – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Ottawa, September 22 review: in economic and trade cooperation to open a new journey of premier of the State Council, Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Keqiang 22 morning local time in the Ottawa parliament held talks with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. In addition the representatives of both parties in the two prime ministers of the witness, signed in with "on the third party market cooperation joint statement" 14 cooperation agreements, covering trade, investment, finance, tourism, education, judicial cooperation etc.. Li Keqiang said in a meeting with reporters, the friendship between China and Canada has a long history, the relationship between the two countries have long been in the forefront of China’s relations with western countries, bilateral relations are facing new opportunities for development. Previously, Canada decided to apply to join the Asian infrastructure investment bank is regarded as the fruitful results of the Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to China by the end of August. In this regard, Canadian politicians and scholars have said that Canada added an investment bank can not only promote the economic growth in Canada, will also win the Asian business opportunities. Trudeau, a senior research fellow at the Asia Pacific Foundation in Canada, said: "the government of the United States intends to return the Sino Canadian relations to a more stable state," said Stephens." The Chinese and Canadian Prime Minister to achieve mutual visits within a month, also shows that Sino Canadian relations are moving towards a new stage. With the Chinese prime minister in 13 years to visit the "Maple Leaf country" taimukaiqi, the two sides officially launched the premier annual dialogue mechanism, starting with FTA feasibility study. Foreign media commentary, Sino Canadian relations and a step closer. Li Keqiang pointed out that the two sides agreed to strengthen the level and mechanism of communication, give full play in the economic and financial dialogue, annual meetings of foreign ministers and the high level of national security and the rule of dialogue mechanism, strengthen communication, enhance mutual understanding, and properly solve the problems and differences. China’s economic influence on the world is greater than ever before, becoming a real dragon, ABC reported. Both China and Canada are working hard to promote bilateral trade negotiations. In the current international economic downward pressure, the trend of the development of the trend of globalization, China and Canada in the fight against trade protectionism, promote trade liberalization and more common language, strong willingness to cooperate. Data show that China is Canada’s second largest trading partner, the largest export market and the second largest source of imports. The economies of the two countries are highly complementary, and the potential for cooperation in such fields as high technology, agriculture, energy resources and the third party cooperation is particularly high. Trudeau has said that strengthening bilateral relations, will be able to open the door to create new opportunities for Canadian companies, but also to Chinese enterprises to expand opportunities in canada. In October 2014, "with the investment protection agreement" entered into force, is an important step in the development of bilateral economic and trade relations; in March 2015, North America’s first RMB clearing bank in Toronto was officially launched, marking and financial cooperation has entered a new stage. Last year, bilateral trade volume reached $55 billion 700 million. At present, China and Canada’s economic and trade development momentum is good, but the proportion of trade between China and Canada in the proportion of the total foreign trade between the two countries is still small, the lack of bilateral economic and trade cooperation projects support. The future of the two countries can be in clean energy and high-speed rail and other large projects相关的主题文章: