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Comment: online shopping spree as a rational consumer to Cai Enze once a year "double 11", is a wave of crazy panic buying online. Every festival will be shopping, which is the people’s spending habits. So businesses have a way to create festival to lure consumers to buy. "Double 11" was originally a day. Single friends, looking for the other half in sight, the spirit can not be met, then make up their own, in the material with your purchase of some items to himself worked hard all the year round. While the merchants for the sake of the customer’s banner, racking their brains to engage in promotions. In the "double 11 a month before the advent of the advertising of various commodities have been overwhelming, all walks of life, large cars, real estate, small to a variety of fast food shops, shoes and clothes shop. The most is that all kinds of WeChat Shuabing, create new styles of advertising, only think, not impossible. "Double 11" this day, indulge in online shopping chop the hand of the party who Shouyang intolerable, have scraper on the mobile phone shopping. This day, consumers have to panic buying goods online shopping like a swarm of bees, such as fire cooking oil is very hot. Tmall, Jingdong, and other electricity providers, each "double 11" will earn windfall profits. 2015 Tmall double 11 global Carnival sales of $57 billion 100 million. The day time in just half a day, more than and 200 banks and ant payment service’s Alipay to support up to 85 thousand and 900 seconds of the pen payment peak; Jingdong ious 35 minutes turnover exceeded 100 million yuan; China Merchants Bank semi online transactions antenna is more than 12 billion 400 million yuan, a year earlier than doubled…… "Double 11" the enthusiasm of the whole nation to buy the world shocked. The annual "double 11" will be the emergence of a sale of the astronomical figures, although the record looks very beautiful, very domineering, but the proportion of impulse shopping in a few. Seemingly stunning data behind, there will be trouble after the carnival, especially for ordinary buyers. "Double 11" panic buying caused paralysis, the payment system of logistics jam, Amoy to the baby cannot pay orders, even painstakingly orders successfully, waiting for delivery is also in sight. "Double 11" also serious overdraft purchasing power. The total purchasing power of each user is limited, "double 11" has transferred to buy time and space, some consumers to the first half of the month, the second half of the month, and even bought a special purchases for the Spring Festival. However, "double 11" frenzy and can not reflect the China consumer demand, and after 3 months of business depression, and followed by "double 12" was not essential for the chicken ribs. The double 11 period, the most terrible thing is that commercial integrity will follow a piece of merchandise discounts, destruction of consumer ecology. Jingdong raised "serious shopping mall, buy some good" and "double 11" slogan this year, watch the carnival atmosphere and manufacturing digital games ills. Therefore, online shopping spree, we should make a rational consumer. First of all, according to the actual needs of their own, do not follow suit, not blindly, avoid emotional consumption. Some ladies, wardrobe fashion clothes dazzling, but also to catch up with the "double 11" to join the fun, and then相关的主题文章: