Cold air southward to the south of Southern China and other places in the middle to the end of the h-sexinse

Cold air south of southern Southern China and other places have moderate to heavy rain in the eastern end of Beijing – high CNR network Beijing on August 26th news (reporter Zhu Hongyuan) according to the China voice of the "national network news" reported today, the central meteorological station at 10 in the morning to Rainstorm Forecast: from today to 27, South Western, Southern China. There will be a moderate to heavy rainfall. At the same time, under the influence of cold air, the eastern part of a wide range of cooling significantly, the rapid decline in the high temperature in the south, the northern part of the region gradually into the fall. From August 26th to 27, the southern North China, Huang Huai, Jianghan, South Western, Southwest China, and Southern China, from the north to the south, there will be a moderate to heavy rainfall, accompanied by strong convective thunderstorms, short-term heavy rainfall and other weather. The central meteorological station chief forecaster He Lifu, Chongqing, Guizhou, Hunan, and Guangzhou, Guangxi, the emergence of short-term strong precipitation, accompanied by thunder and lightning, will go to South Southern China tomorrow, Eastern Guizhou, tomorrow will weaken or end. He Lifu said the rainfall, short rain strong convection is relatively strong, should pay attention to the prevention of local flash floods and landslides and other disasters, but widespread flooding is unlikely, because the precipitation range is relatively small, the time is short. In this connection, mobile precipitation and cold air will bring a turning weather to the south, southern hot weather continued for several days is expected to ease, the south are below 35 degrees, 35 degrees in Hangzhou, but other regions have accepted the basic temperature.相关的主题文章: