China green financial system prototype of the early explicit incentive mechanism — Environme gigolos

China green financial system prototype of the early   explicit incentive mechanism — — environmental protection by the State Council, the people’s Bank of Chinese, Ministry of Finance and other seven ministries jointly issued "guidance on the construction of green financial system" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), a total of nine aspects of the contents of the 35. This document reflects a series of important innovations, outlines the basic framework of the future of China’s green financial system. This paper gives a brief explanation of some of the highlights in the opinion. For the first time given the green financial "official" definition, become the support policy of green investment in China a strong signal from the current situation, to achieve the goal of China’s environmental pollution and carbon emissions in 2030 or before the peak of the international commitments, is expected to need 30 thousand – year green investment 4 trillion yuan. But the industry is estimated to cover only about 15% of financial investment in green, so most of the green investment needs from the social capital. In other words, we need to mobilize and encourage a large number of social capital into the green industry. And social capital is often worried about whether the government has a clear strategic objectives and supportive policy guidance in green investment. In the target and policy uncertainty, social capital tend to the future income of the project is very high "discount rate", banks and other investors also tend to investment income demanding "risk premium", thus causing the financing expensive financing problem. The opinions of the introduction can be said to support China’s green investment strong policy signals. This is the central deep reform group approved by the State Council, through the discussion of the seven ministries "opinion" issued, marking China’s strategy from the highest level to the relevant ministries level has formed a high degree of consensus, to fully support and promote green financing investment in our country, accelerate economy to green transformation. The "opinion" will become a green investment and financing is an important, positive policy signals to guide the financial industry and green enterprises, helps to reduce the uncertainty of investor concerns about the policy, to encourage more "non green investors" to join the ranks of green investors. "Opinions" for the first time given the official definition of green finance, help define the green financial products, to provide a basis for the "reputation effect" to stimulate green investment. "Opinions" clear, "green finance refers to the improvement and support environment to cope with climate change and resource conservation and efficient use of economic activities on environmental protection and energy saving, clean energy, green transportation, green building projects in the areas of investment and financing, project operation, risk management and other financial services provided by." This is by far the most authoritative definition of green finance. This definition includes the following meanings: one is the green finance is designed to support the environmental benefits of the project, and the environmental benefits include support for environmental improvement, efficient use of climate change and resources; two main categories is given a green project, the future of all kinds of green financial products (including green credit, green bonds, the green stock index) the definition and classification has important guiding significance; the three is the clear green financial support including green project financing, project operation and risk management of financial services)相关的主题文章: