Chengdu mad cold eat rabbit! Only 500 copies a day to eat, you have to wait! – Sohu to eat and drink

Chengdu mad cold eat rabbit! Only 500 copies a day to eat, you have to wait! Sohu to eat and drink with a taste, a description of the city of Chengdu, is the Chili oil chaoshou, non spicy string of Hot pot bottom material, soul, take food juice, all cannot do without the escape of spicy pepper. But for the people of Chengdu spicy favorite, in addition to Hot pot, also found in the queue also want to eat Zigong dishes, especially cold eat rabbits. Bird is the dove, Chengdu people love animals like rabbits eat rabbits, every eat 200 million now have a red sky cold eat rabbits eat daily limit until sold out to the people of Chengdu have a characteristic, once found delicious, no matter where are spread, and then eat a clean! Now there is a serious cold Zigong eat rabbits, Chili oil incense to lick the screen! You haven’t eaten yet? Just fried rabbit, and then spread a thick layer of sesame seeds, a smell can give you a halo! 10 years of ingenuity to do the 1 cold dishes only eat rabbit 5 star chef personally for your cooking before Angkor, has served as executive chef of the five star hotel designed for business to Zhang Shao Jia zheng. Because like, spare time like fried cold eat rabbits, this speculation is 10 years. 10 years of continuous upgrading of taste, just to give you the taste of 5 stars. From material selection to speculation, all pro. Only the small fry, largely retained the best taste of rabbit meat. Only 500 days, grab the end and then wait for the next pot. For the people of Chengdu, it is best to eat the rabbit, is mad cold eat rabbits. Both the smell of spicy, meat fat but not greasy, the key is full weight, eat not fat! Fried 10 years cold eat rabbit Angkor, from material to frying, all hands. In his mind, even if it is 1, high temperature 2 degrees, perfume will therefore discount. Cold to eat the rabbit is not the same as the most important, to ensure absolute freshness. Every day being sold, largely retained the best taste of rabbit meat. Dozens of spices, each of which is personally purchased by the boss. From the two seven Hanyuan pepper, chili pepper, Vitex bullet and other ingredients, very spicy enough, but they won’t feel anxious, stomach also does not have the slightest discomfort. Sell only six steps a day cooking pot rabbit? Pepper boiled after drying? Fire stir fry every step as a formula can not be sloppy, you must use the boiled and then dried before hot pepper stir fry, in order to release more rich flavor. The selection of vegetable oil into?? is the rabbit rabbit and then fried alone alone fried pot, stir fry the meat must be fast, let each side are heated evenly. ? the pepper into the pot? Stir the fire and then put fried good Chili oil into the pot, tumbling, finally fire with the juice, so as to put dozens of spices better lock in the rabbit. Eat a beautiful heart to subvert the soul spicy pan of the moment, the room was filled with thick spicy. Hot summer, one will be able to save the soul! Open at nine a.m. every day!相关的主题文章: