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Chen Kun on the two dimensional world looks like Alexander the great mind of Chen Kun Chen Kun’s endorsement of a well-known animation Mobile Games talk about the Sina entertainment news the evening of September 21st, Chen Kun [micro-blog] to attend its endorsement of a well-known animation Mobile Games conference in Shanghai. As the two dimensional animation fans, Chen Kun said he valued the world view of the game, but also exposes the most admired in the game of the great emperor Alexander, I hope you can be like the great mind. As the two dimension of the animation fans, Chen Kun repeatedly recommended on micro-blog’s own favorite cartoon tour, and this time to become a spokesperson, he said that the humor is the highest level of fans do endorsements. Chen Kun said at the event, he is very valued in the game of the world view, and appreciate the philosophical lines. Many years ago, Chen Kun on the recommendation of the hand on the micro-blog caused by the two dimensional sector of the national P figure carnival, PS has become nearly one hundred cartoon characters. However, he said that the day does not need Cosplay in real life, we are these roles, we can be any one person!" Triggered a fan shouted. But most of us unexpectedly, Chen Kun admit he is the most admired by the emperor Alexander in the game, "I see the whole story, this character very touched my heart, I hope my heart can be like a great mind." (Tan Tanwen) (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: