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Chen Jianbin Ma Yili is the most complex "Chinese deduction relation" — entertainment channel — Chen Jianbin Ma Yili interpretation of the most complex "Chinese relation" source: – entertainment channel     09 2016 02 August 16:30 photo September 2 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Ping)   contemporary urban humor comedy "Chinese relationship" will be on the night of September 7th 19:30 landing in Beijing tv. The play tells the story of 45 year old Ma Guoliang (Chen Jianbin) is the deputy director of a national institution, the 35 year old Jiang Yinan (Ma Yili ornaments) is a popular overseas education grew up architectural designers, two people in the world that have no relevance, but because of an elderly apartment project together, witness the cause of each other and emotional changes. Shen Yan Liu Haibo again "China" thinking screenwriter Zhang Lei said that producer maki create this drama conception at the beginning, is hoping to write an attractive, on behalf of the independent personality of the middle-aged man’s story. In the script planning teacher Li Xiaoming’s proposal, and ultimately from the system outside the system is the key point to find the breakthrough. The play, Ma Guoliang karma, from system to system life transformation, led directly to the side of a series of changes, which staged an embarrassment without losing the warmth of the "Ma Guoliang life adventures". She also revealed that Chen Jianbin plays the role of Ma Guoliang will show a unique personality charm, and with the advance of the story, the more behind the more able to show the charm of a middle-aged man. Director Shen Yan has been quite realistic grasp of subject originality before 2011, he directed the "Chinese Style Divorce", depth analysis of the Chinese face in the marriage dilemma. 11 years later, Shen Yan, together with young director Liu Haibo, once again continue the "Chinese style" topic, through the "Chinese style" perspective of contemporary Chinese society. In his view, a lot of "relationship" drama embodies a unique Chinese humor, this kind of humor itself is a kind of attitude, I believe the audience can feel the characters and the story contains a sense of humor and wisdom. Chen Jianbin Ma Yili said this handy pinch play role, Ma Guoliang Chen Jianbin said: "Ma Guoliang put a lot of people do not see the bitterness, injustice, suffering into" Oh "performance, the relationship China – this is my understanding of the ”". In Chen Jianbin’s view, this role is very interesting, "he like before, many of the characters to tackle the difficulties, to fight with people at the very heroic appearance, in fact, very few people in our life is that, most states have to compromise". Ma Yili, who starred in the "Chinese style relationship", was first attracted to Chen Jianbin, "the first time I saw such a real middle-aged man appeared in the comedy.". His flaws make him more real, so he’s very attractive to me." The play, once again played urban independent women, Ma Yili said: "this role itself is not too sweet love, she does not belong to the goddess level, nor the stem but as an understanding wife and loving mother, obsessed with their own careers, and sometimes a bit hypocritical, too)相关的主题文章: