Central media focus Wuhan City partner 119 partners to help upgrade manufacturing xhero

Wuhan city central media focus partner: 119 partners to help the upgrading of the manufacturing industry newspaper news (reporter Cui Mengxin) yesterday, "news broadcast" focus on Wuhan City partner "reported that Wuhan’s" city partners "to attract global talent resources, to promote the rapid development of manufacturing industry in Wuhan. Yesterday, CCTV "news broadcast" launched the "2025 China manufacturing research for" a series of reports of Wuhan City partners "force upgrade of the manufacturing industry: the story of Dr. Chen Yihong home business is committed to breaking the monopoly of foreign core technology of ultrafast laser, he became" Wuhan City partner ", established in cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology professor Zhang Zhaowei also, obtain funds and project support. Last year, Wuhan officially launched the "city partner" plan, the plan is mainly focus on information technology, health and intelligent manufacturing 3 strategic emerging industries in the global scope, selection of industry leading talent, well-known venture capitalists and outstanding youth innovation and entrepreneurship, and brings great economic benefits to the project given the highest 100 million yuan funding. Last July, Wuhan issued a "city of excellence at home and abroad partner" invitation, and end the "3 10" list of the policy package. This sincerity, attracted many talents at home and abroad focus on Wuhan. This month, the second installment of the 59 "city partner" list of publicity, Tencent holdings founder is one of the stars. Yesterday, he founded the cross sea man Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. formally signed the Castle Peak 5.5 Internet industrial park. This is a representative of the domestic cross-border electricity supplier companies. Tribute starfish said, choose settled in Wuhan, it is a fancy to the local support policies and Wuhan talent advantage. From "cooperation" to "partnership", then to "resultant force"". Currently, the city of Wuhan through the city partner program has been introduced, including a number of academicians, including 119 City partners, a large number of innovative projects are being implemented, effectively promote the upgrading of the manufacturing sector.相关的主题文章: