Beijing with 5 to wonderful proof to say goodbye restorator

Beijing: 5 "all" to "wonderful proof" say goodbye – Beijing newspaper in Beijing on 16 November, (reporter He Yong) "husband and wife apply for a marriage certificate must provide proof of relations between the two sides, 90 years old for the elderly need to provide proof of living subsidies……" In the future, these wonderful proofs will be extinct in Beijing. Reporters from the executive meeting of the Beijing municipal government was informed that: in order to regulate the behavior of government management, 74 kinds of certificates issued by the grassroots will be canceled adjustment, the people will enjoy a more convenient public services. At present, all kinds of Beijing basic certificate issued a total of more than 190 items, the contents concerning marriage and family, housing services, social security and so on more than 10 kinds. Beijing City Commission Office in conjunction with the relevant departments through research, in accordance with the 5 "will be" principle, requiring the implementation scheme of the adjustment of the 74 form to cancel the certificate. The 5 all are that there is no legal basis, will be canceled; who can handle the cancellation of all departments through internal investigation or information sharing; who can provide valid documents, the applicant shall cancel the certificate for the applicant; who can take a written commitment, through signing statements or submit relevant agreements that will be canceled; all street offices (township government), neighborhood (Village) to verify, can not be issued, will be canceled. The proof of the 74 in 20 was set on the basis of abolition, directly cancel; for 33 through department internal investigation or information sharing; 11 according to the valid documents, document handling; for 9 according to a written commitment, commitment, both sides signed a statement and so on; 1 for the neighborhood (Village) cannot be issued by the relevant departments to prove.相关的主题文章: