Beijing will be a comprehensive investigation of street vagrants and beggars to help them chompoo araya

Beijing will be a comprehensive investigation of street begging personnel to provide help to the original title: Beijing will be a comprehensive investigation of street begging personnel to provide help for the near future, the temperature of Beijing city continued to decline, with strong winds and other inclement weather gradually increased, many beggars of life worrying. Reporters learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau has officially launched the winter to send warm special relief operations, will be a comprehensive investigation of the streets of vagrants and beggars, and to help them. According to the relevant person in charge of the Civil Affairs Bureau, this winter warm special relief operations will continue until March 15, 2017. In the special relief operations, the civil affairs departments will jointly police, urban management, health and other relevant departments to carry out centralized relief operations. The staff will carry out street patrol work, intensify inspections of key areas, to carry out careful Mopai in the street begging and other life without personnel may sleep station square, the downtown area, the underground passage, at the construction site, the urban fringe, such as bridges and culverts, increase the frequency of inspections, to expand the scope of the inspection, to ensure that important no one is missing lots. For the discovery of vagrants and beggars, will patiently persuade them to inform the relief policy, relief management station to accept assistance, to insist on unwilling to accept assistance for Vagrants and beggars, the scene to provide warm clothing and food for them, in accordance with the principle of caring for the rescue, promptly escorted begging the disabled, minors, the elderly and other staff mobility to aid management institutions to receive aid. During the special action to help aid the winter relief management agency will prepare adequate security station facilities, perfect performance and provide quality service for the recipients of aid station staff, and adhere to the 24 hour service reception system. The Department of civil affairs by the government to buy services, volunteer services and other innovative ways to guide social forces to participate in the daily inspection and service station street. The relief management station will also actively implement the open relief, in the special period of vagrants and beggars, migrant workers concentrated area open additional temporary assistance or shelter, and setting up clear signs, an ample supply of warm items, convenient for Vagrants and beggars, camping out personnel nearby recipients from. Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to remind the general public friends, if you find vagrants and beggars and other people without life, please tell them to help the rescue management station, in an emergency can call 110, 96156 for help. (reporter Wei Zhang Ning) editor: Zhao Yaqi相关的主题文章: