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Return 100% minutes which is said to cry you beautiful autumn and winter this year the most popular color X for a few days after Rainy past Zhengzhou has entered the "frozen" mode of this awkward time is sometimes hot and sometimes cold, many expressed a strong desire to change the hairstyle trendsetter to tide sister! In addition to the season Shouyang want to spend money, I guess you dyed hair color is summer off!   want to take the opportunity to change the color of the winter to rotten street and refused to grandiose trendsetter babies to try this fantastic color.   Ash Blonde;     transparent gold; famous fashion magazine ELLE the first golden hair color is the most fashionable Ash Blonde such as:   however, tide sister refused. After all the difference the huge foreign blonde gene   super coolest! Chao sister pie face yellow skin with this hair is simply to kill Matt. After all, you made western style hair color will impact what is happening in Asia, baby?   what is transparent gold? The whole head is yellow too "street", which is based on transparent gold light brown or pale yellow plus a layer of pale gray, increase the sense of transparency, not western style ~ transparent metal in cold colors, with the feeling that my grandmother grey and warm brown, not like "mousy" so as sleep, no warm brown that passers-by feel ~  color but to dye gray and gold was just a good fit, really hair lion skill test! Tide sister find a dye is also good to share   blogger; think you and your hair can refer to the lion!   the sun, like this she chose is dark brown with a layer of dust but is out of the ordinary in the light, and directly into the coffee brown (pictured below)     different point of view, the grey layer will not the same is not magic     about two a week, you can slightly faded Brown seamless cut blingbling a la ~   in the sun will still have sense of parting!   the transparency of gray and gold suction eye of 100%! Grey winter is likely to increase a lazy you will love?   warm white hair color is right, but to ruddy, with hair color contrast, it is advisable to choose   highlight ash; after dyed gray, a boxing braid is really good! Even casual messy hair can also be handsome passerby   too, medium gold, pure gold platinum key: to reconcile the need for good communication with the onset of the golden lion, will bleaching degree Oh, also to see whether they live in hold   or by the heavy hand dyed grandma ash, it is very embarrassing. ~   after all this is our ultimate goal of this fairy   if you do not really hold;相关的主题文章: