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The price of gold fell on Friday 0.2% this week has risen 2.4%-下北glory days

The price of gold fell on Friday 0.2% this week rose a total of 2.4% U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants Stocks – 24 am Beijing time, the price of gold futures fell on Friday, but the central bank decided to make this week gold recorded the biggest gain in two months. This week the U.S. central bank decided to keep interest rates unchanged, so that the price of gold has been boosted. On Friday, the New York Mercantile Exchange in December delivery of gold futures prices fell $3, or 0.2%, to close at $1341.70 an ounce. This week the price of gold futures rose a total of 2.4%, as of July 29th when the week week of the biggest gains. Libertas wealth management group president Adam – Marcus (Adam Koos) said: "with the Fed confirmed our known things — before December will not raise interest rates, gold prices will continue to rise until the end of the year. At this time, re pricing will be necessary." Marcus pointed out that since the beginning of July the price of gold has remained in a narrow range, he is very difficult to expect the price of gold fell below $1300. Other metals futures, December delivery silver futures prices fell $28.9, or 1.4%, to close at $19.81 an ounce. Silver futures prices rose 5%. December delivery of refined copper futures prices fell 1 cents to close at $2.201 per pound. The whole week of refined copper futures prices rose about 1.9%. Platinum futures for January delivery fell $5.60, or 0.5%, to close at $1060.90 an ounce. Platinum futures prices rose around 4.5%. Palladium futures for December delivery rose $5.95, or 0.9%, to close at $706.40 an ounce. The whole week palladium futures prices rose about 5.1%. Editor: SF065 Zhangjun相关的主题文章:

Fujian Mawei push cross-border electricity supplier development of more than 300 cross-border electr-嘿嘿taxi

Fujian Mawei pushing the development of cross-border electricity supplier more than 300 cross-border electricity supplier companies settled – Beijing, China News Agency, Fuzhou, August 29 (Su Yiyu) with the twenty-first Century "maritime Silk Road" and the core area of the free trade zone, the sustained release of the dividend policy, the westernization movement more than and 100 years ago and the famous Fujian Mawei, another a foreign exchange and cooperation of the "bridgehead". The official Mawei District of Fujian province 29 Foreign reported that Mawei Fujian FTA Fuzhou area of cross-border e-commerce park enterprises ushered in the boom, has introduced Ali, one of Qualcomm,, Chinese, Fujian China Silk Road supply and marketing overseas purchase more than and 300 domestic cross-border electricity supplier operating companies. October 2015, Fuzhou included in China’s cross-border electricity supplier pilot cities. November 3rd, Fuzhou cross-border electricity supplier public service platform and Fuzhou export processing zone cross-border electricity supplier Supervision Center enabled. According to Mawei customs Deputy Commissioner Gao Xiang introduced since Chinese (Fujian) since the establishment of free trade zone, promulgated a total of 39 trade regulatory system innovation, enhance the level of trade facilitation, reduce clearance costs, improve trade efficiency. Thailand show Nana Co., founder and CEO of clean English also believes that cross-border electricity supplier in Fuzhou is showing great potential and market prospects will be richly endowed by nature, and actively open up new markets in the layout of the Chinese. Deputy director of the Fuzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Chen Yu pointed out that the special advantage with the help of the free trade zone, dividend policy and Hong Kong, Masson has become a hot area of cross-border exchanges, Taiwan, also attracted attention from the field of enterprises at home and abroad. Chen Yu said that in order to support the further development of cross-border electricity supplier, Fujian Free Trade Zone, Fuzhou area cross-border e-commerce park has introduced rent, warehousing, taxation and other aspects of support policies. (end)相关的主题文章:

The best in the world. The princess of Thailand, mixed fashion style quite unique!

The best in the world. The princess of Thailand, mixed fashion style quite unique! The princess or Princess of the European royal family, often referred to by the owner. But in contrast, Thailand Si Ruifan Nawarui (Sirivannavari Nariratana) princess, is full of drama. There is nothing less than the story of European royalty. In 2009 this year was named "Forbes" magazine, the world’s 20 most popular young royal girl paper. A good day of life but striking one snag after another, and also a very small talk for the public. Why not write the main fan of the Thailand royal family of the primary reason: the name is long and difficult to remember. Will take over the throne of Thailand, Prince Vajiralongkorn, had three marriages, but also a lot of children. However, the succession of the throne of the children there are three, of which there are two princess. Scarlett Ruifan Nawarui princess, third wife, help the West Lamy prince, Mahal · Prince Vajiralongkorn and princess Pacha Raj Te Ya Pa… The main fan finished dying, four elder brother and mother was in exile, why Siri can live fast? Princess Siri said before, the main fan necessary to about Siri’s father, Prince Vajiralongkorn Mahal ·. The prince had three marriage. The first marriage and his cousin – the song is wow beautiful princess, Prince mother, Queen Sirikit’s niece. The two married in 1977, married for 16 years, and had a princess. N, Charles on marital derailed. The wow beautiful princess is not agree to divorce, because they can not offend the royal family, Prince of defiance statue, 1993 song wow beautiful princess was forced to divorce. His second marriage was the marital derailed actress — more than EVA hilda. In the two days of cohabitation, they gave birth to four sons and a daughter. Although in 1994, after the blessing of the king, married. But more than 96 years, EVA Sheeta and five children were "forced" to britain. The royal family announced she has committed adultery crime. But the main fan feel interesting is, "mistress" Yu wa Hilda and four sons, are deprived of royal titles and privileges. But at the same time take away the little princess Siri, but was forced back from the British royal family in Thailand, Bangkok. The main fan saw rumors, because the Siri Princess Thailand Royal horoscopes numerology is very busy. Must put the princess back to Thailand, in order to stabilize the Royal "country boat". So the Thailand Princess Siri, not only can stay in the Royal family. Also there is no despise meaning. The prince’s third marriage is a commoner (later to be grilled is actually a slip women) west lami. He was supposed to be the West into the people’s princess, but in 2009, she and a prince, and a crowd at the pool party "naked dog" film flow to the internet. The prince’s image is more, it… Two married in 2001, divorced in 2014. Gave birth to a son to help prince. Now 11 years old to help the prince, is the real throne the first successor (but parents divorce, fan Lord is not clear whether there are variables…). I turn back to "adorable, numerology excellent" Siri… Two, good life princess.相关的主题文章:

Gasoline and diesel prices per liter or up nearly 2 – energy – People’s network-coscoqd

Gasoline and diesel prices per liter or up nearly 2 corners – energy – People’s original title: gasoline and diesel prices per liter or nearly up to 2 degrees, according to Xinhua news agency, domestic gasoline, diesel prices or will usher in the rise of the two". Today is the refined oil price adjustment window". Market forecast, due to the average price of crude oil in the international market during the price increase, gasoline and diesel prices will usher in a substantial increase. Is expected to rise nearly 2 cents per liter. Xinhua News Agency petroleum price system data released yesterday show that in August 30th the average price of crude oil change rate was 6.99%. Accordingly estimates, gasoline, diesel prices will increase by about 220 yuan per ton. Yesterday was the ninth working day of the valuation cycle. If the increase in the line, will be the sixth time in the year to raise domestic gasoline and diesel prices, it may be the largest increase in a. Zhao Gongzheng NDRC price monitoring center, the researchers said, the oil producing countries began to verbally intervene in the market 8 months early, and achieved remarkable results, the international crude oil prices rising momentum into the current round of oil price adjustment cycle. Although oil prices slow down, but the average price in this period is still significantly higher than the previous level. The organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non OPEC producers conference will be held at the end of September. Although in April this year, the oil producing countries to limit production efforts ended in failure, but the market for the parties concerned will reach some form of agreement limiting speculation, led to the recent international crude oil futures prices rose sharply. August 19th, international crude oil futures prices rose to the highest level since the end of 6. At the end of March 2013 China’s formation mechanism after the introduction of improved oil price. According to the new mechanism, the domestic gasoline and diesel price according to the international market of crude oil price changes every 10 working days adjusted once, when the price rises less than 50 yuan per ton, no adjustment, cumulative or offset into the next price adjustment. (: Yan Lu, commissioning editor Wang Jing)相关的主题文章:

Dual camera in the end what magic Two are really better than one-wegener肉芽肿

Dual camera in the end what magic? Two are really better than one? Introduction: Recently, more and more mobile phone use double camera, ZTE, cool, HUAWEI and HTC have released a dual camera products. Among them, such as HUAWEI P9, glory 8 products such as the effect is very good. Made authoritative website Gsmarena and Dxomark affirmation, the quality of such products, especially under the performance of weak light impressive. Concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! In fact, the smart phone with a dual camera is not the first time, as early as 2011, HTC and LG have had a dual camera attempt, but not successful. Why did the LG’s dual camera failed, and now the two cameras can be successful, we look at the history of the development of dual cameras. Dual camera camera black history in the interpretation of the iPhone 7 Plus camera before we talk about the origin of the dual camera. At first, the emergence of dual cameras in order to catch up with the year Afanda brought 3D tide, 2011 HTC Evo 3D really hot for some time. However, due to the composition of the gimmick is too large, this model has become a short-lived ghost. Then, at the following LG also launched with 3D camera models, but in the end, the machine also had to exit, then, equipped with 3D camera models in the market disappeared. In 2014, HTC brought to M8, the aircraft is also equipped with dual cameras, but it is not in order to take 3D photos, the HTC is mainly in order to achieve the so-called SLR camera shallow depth of field effect (bokeh). Then HUAWEI also launched a similar principle of the glory of 6 Plus, and the beginning of this year, millet in order to catch the dual camera trend, also took out a red rice Pro, but with the existing mainstream dual camera technology has not what the intersection. In addition, in addition to the immature reasons for the algorithm, after the 3D camera was not able to live up to the ability to deal with the intelligent machine. One, 3D, the two cameras produced two eyes, two eyes to see the world is different. The human brain to synthesize two eyes to see the image, there is a sense of three-dimensional, you can determine the distance, you can see the real world. And we see the daily photos, videos are flat, two-dimensional. These photos, videos are single shot. So, the phone’s dual camera was originally to 3D services, through the shooting of different images, the synthesis of 3D images, better show the world. The idea of the representative product is LG P920, two 5 million pixel camera can shoot a special 3D photos and videos. But this idea ignores an important issue, that is, 3D photos, video viewing problem. The screen is two-dimensional, to see 3D photos, you need to make a special naked eye 3D screen, or red and blue glasses, liquid crystal polarized glasses. LG P920 can use the naked eye 3D screen, but in the case of the outbreak of social networks to share photos, others do not e相关的主题文章: