Ang Lee China line incarnation of the king, he said what the true meaning of life-restorator

Ang Lee China line incarnation of the king, he said what the true meaning of life? Today is a big day, November 6th, Ang Lee’s new film, "·, the battle of," the premiere of Beijing. 8 in the morning, a small explosion (micro signal: movie-bigbang) is connected with the six alarm clock to wake up, renovation of a new fatigued with the journey to Beijing only a 120 frame +4K+3D cinema studios Bona Chaoyang stores. Most of the Beijing media circles senior teachers to catch the morning show. More than 9 in the morning, the mall has not opened the door, the cinema was packed with people. At night the red carpet has finished. 3D glasses are also new cargo to China, just opened the Dolby special glasses. Because the number of viewing too much, 3D glasses has received an empty, re new unboxing. 10 morning, the first "Billy midfielder Lynn · long rest" officially kicked off the show on time. 11:50, subtitle walk, the end of the film, was a warm applause in the hall. After watching the film and friends of the circle of small bang, 12 points from the "Billy · Lynn" brush screen explosion, basically been acclaimed occupation. What color or geometry, etc. after the release of everyone to experience it. After the end of the show, did not have time to eat a small explosion, directly to the hotel where the conference. 1:30 pm, "Billy · the battle of," the press conference in Beijing starts at Park Hyatt Hotel. Ang Lee director with the leading actor Joe ·, Alvin and the appearance of the original, they just flew from Taipei to Beijing yesterday. Due to the presence of the media for Ang Lee’s desire is too warm, the entire conference has become Ang Lee’s personal show, all kinds of gold Jupeng gushing. Billy · Joe · Alvin and the side of the "cold", only a few points to the problem of the "". Below to send some director Ang Lee of the conference site — why verse: "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war"? – "the observation of the world over the years is like a war, a show in the middle. I want to bring this feeling to you, so I made the film "- how to evaluate Joe · Alvin? – "(Alvin and I) as mentors and apprentices, with reason to analyze, emotions to invest, there is also the soul of communication." "He’s a talented actor, a top talent." What do you want to tell the audience? – "don’t have any mental preparation, let go of the past." "Experience is as important as emotion, experience, and story. (Billy · Lynn) is still the expression of his inner world, but the way is not the same as before." – is there a big difference between different versions? – "each version is a re creation of its own, a little bit by bit to tune their own. (not so) otherwise it would be unfair to other viewers." "Never wanted to use some form of a certain content, my films are complementary, technology and content are inseparable." "It’s better to go through every version." -.相关的主题文章: