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Caesarean section did Mommy faster recovery after caesarean section maternal Sohu – how long can regenerate after caesarean section if you want to regeneration, time must grasp, generally only good at caesarean section after two years. In general, cesarean section is not affected by pregnancy, you can have a normal pregnancy. But after cesarean section uterine wall incision poor healing in the short term. Early pregnancy, the fetal development of the uterus increases, the uterine wall thinning, especially Caesarean incision is lack of elastic connective tissue. Fresh scar in the end of pregnancy or delivery process is easy to burst, causing abdominal bleeding and even life-threatening. Therefore, the best time to re pregnancy after cesarean section two years later, more secure. After pregnancy to check in the hospital, delivery, in order to avoid danger. Each woman’s physical condition is not the same, decided how long depends on women Caesarean regeneration after cesarean section uterine recovery, if women after cesarean section uterine recovery or female self recovery ability, do not wait until two years after cesarean section can be regenerated, but at least a year later. In addition, after cesarean section must go to the hospital to check the uterus recovery. How long after cesarean section can be pregnant? If the first child is a caesarean section, but also want to have a baby, the safest is the second pregnancy after two years, there is a year of saying that this is due to each person’s physical and recovery speed is not the same. If pregnant again after cesarean section, in advance to the hospital to be produced. Because the uterus is close to birth, there is a risk of rupture. In order to prevent the occurrence of uterine rupture or fetal death, should be two weeks in advance of hospital to be produced, in order to find problems in a timely manner. Re delivery should be suitable for caesarean section, after the first cesarean section of pregnant women, second deliveries have a caesarean section of 80%, which is safer than vaginal delivery. Cesarean section again to choose the right time. Early fetal survival is not easy; too late, is easy to cause uterine rupture or stillbirth. As long as the fetal maturation, can be carried out without surgery, until birth before surgery. Energy-saving? Caesarean section from the delivery room, usually are lying in sleep state, if this time women lay no other special status, general health care workers don’t have to use this time to take the maternal abdomen, but when the woman to start activities, will turn the urine or the like, or second days to get out of bed walk around, if special attention is before the first bed, in order to avoid walking pull to the wound, must use the abdomen belt at this time, this is very important. The general doctor will encourage suggest that women began to use on the first day of postpartum abdomen, this is the hope that women can cough up as soon as the spittoon ambulation, help postpartum recovery. The caesarean section maternal postpartum abdomen with a certain degree of use, will help ease the pain disappeared and the matching degree is relatively good. With the abdomen after cesarean section with what time? Abdomen belt is a good helper to help postpartum recovery of the body, in general, can be used the same day after birth, cesarean section wound healing after the use of advice. If a period of time to use the abdomen with words, micro suggestions相关的主题文章: