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A new group will be the reorganization of the best? Changsha more stores will be renovated merchants original title: a good new group will be restructured? Changsha more stores will be renovated a new good houjiatang business district empty food shop on the first floor, China Merchants has started. A good new houjiatang shop on the first floor of other shops are also washing goods clearance. Most of the new good bay Bay store shelves are also off state. Red Net News (September 19th Changsha time news reporter Tang Pinhui) a good new group after funding strand breaks after the storm, Changsha more stores appeared no goods can be placed, goods can be sold without the phenomenon, before the Mid Autumn Festival is the emergence of employees will store more than the goods out of the sale of "self-help behavior". Once a popular new one good supermarket will be closed shop closed? Encountered in the collective commercial real estate in winter, the new one will be how to help themselves? Recently, the reporter visited the Changsha a good new stores, the stores are out of stock, into a semi closed state, but the houjiatang shop has been renovated and began to play banner merchants, sign re decoration. At the same time, a good new Hunan district public relations official said, a good new headquarters in Shenzhen has signed a restructuring agreement with the two investment companies, the recent recapitalization, details of Hunan company will hold a press conference recently answered to the public. Consumers are concerned about the shopping card can continue to use the problem, he also said that after the store to be re opened, a new shopping card can also continue to use, consumers need not worry too much. A good new wells Bay Shop: low-priced sale action has stopped stores into semi closed state since the second half of this year, a new good because of the capital chain problems, a good new headquarters in Shenzhen owed the supplier of funds and other issues, leading to the stores lack of supply, popularity and sales are not as good as before, attracted many loyal customers a boos and regret. There are media reports before the Mid Autumn Festival, in September 13th a new well bay Bay shop staff will be moved out of the store, in order to lower the price of the sale in the supermarket, said to be self help pay". The evening of September 14th, the reporter again went to a new good Jing Wan sub shop, a few bottles of wine will not sell coincides with the clerk is finally back on the shelves, and said that the leaders have criticized the sale of their behavior, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday period has not moved again for sale. The clerk said, they are 7, 8, September salary is indeed not a hair, also did not buy insurance, looking at the store no business, they are very anxious, "but also want to store goods clearance off as soon as possible, so that we can get paid as soon as possible." She also said that in the past two years, many colleagues left to other units. The reporter saw in the new Jia Jing Wan sub shop, fresh refrigerator area has been cleared, only some food and daily necessities in the sale, the more expensive wine area in recent days are almost, the grain bulk area stacked above have seen crawled, carefully smell, a musty taste. A supermarket almost no customers shopping, several old people only near to come around, occasionally someone came to see the supermarket absolutely empty soon to leave in a hurry. A good new houjiatang shop: will be renovated.相关的主题文章: