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70% enterprise social insurance base of non-compliance as part of the leadership to arrange for JINGWAH times dispatch (reporter Zhao Peng) the reporter learned yesterday, "Chinese corporate social security white paper 2016" released in Beijing, research shows that the current 74.89% units to pay the social security base of non-compliance, violations of the rights and interests of workers. At the same time, there are about 20% of the units in accordance with the provisions of the insured workers in a timely manner. From the domestic one of the largest social security professional website 51 social network released a white paper, 2016 survey data show that the insured base pay compliance decline, from 38.34% in 2015 to 25.11% in 2016 straight down. There are 74.89% units of the base pay is not compliance, reflect the enterprise social security compliance has passed the "non payment of social security" and "delayed payment of social security" into "stage, but the base pay insufficient" stage, showing in the economic downturn, increasing cost pressure, the enterprise social security base compliance pressure. The survey also found that about 20% of the units are not insured in accordance with the provisions. There are 17.66% of respondents in the trial period after the end of the deal, the unit’s leadership arrangements as much as 2.92%, as well as the unit has not been on the social security of 0.29%, reflecting the company’s trial period is not in accordance with the provisions of the insured issue is outstanding.相关的主题文章: