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"The murderer who buried many stem full interpretation of climax entertainment Tencent" sun burning heart "director Cao Baoping’s latest work" also "pupil in September 14th autumn files released nationwide also", as a strong Cao Baoping style of black humor crime thriller film the self release quickly after virtue conquer the audience: "high quality" and "good pupil", "annual surprise", "all the characters acting all online", "thought is black suspense, unexpectedly laughter watching", "the industry is definitely a stream" — let the film become the most suitable for the Mid Autumn Festival reunion stalls viewing choice. In addition to a strong reputation, multi line narrative, scattered and complex crime clues, details of hard even eggs, let the fans stop. This article attempts to comprehensive interpretation of "Xing also" aspects. Although involve spoilers, but as many viewers said after examining the movie: "this movie is not afraid!" "Two brush, three brush is more comfortable." The real event group play "wonderful pupil also" adapted from the murder on the water rock burst style multi perspective narrative structure, director Cao Baoping got the script has changed more than and 20. But Cao Baoping still continue to strive for excellence, make snap change. For example: the original script, the killer to kill the song is the second child, and did not kill the wrong person, but not the role of cat brother. Heavy scene such as Jinsha River ferry Zhang Yi abuse Duan Bowen, Cao Baoping is also in the view after the new. And the most important changes, it is the narrative structure of the film. The film is divided into five sections, with the Yunnan dialect as paragraph headings, respectively: 1 hanbow 2 small stool 3 Soil thief 4 chaos Jizong fart Ma Ma 5 — makes regional characteristics and distinctive character of rich. Hanbow, small stool, soil thief refers to the first three paragraphs of their "hero" (Liu Ye song second), Duan Bowen (Wang Youquan), Zhang Yi (Dong Xiaofeng), the three paragraphs respectively to three people from the perspective of narrative. In the fourth paragraph "chaos fart MA (meaning a mess) before the formation of the omniscient point of view, the character is completely intertwined, the outbreak of the film to a climax: Jinsha River battle and torture, hostage standoff. It is this particular paragraph of narrative structure, so that the three actors become the absolute protagonist in the respective paragraphs, but also in other passages for others in dowry, plus two actresses for the love crazy "burst, all acting roles throughout the online all the dedication of the scattered group play wonderful intertwined the. Film title Cock and Bull, it refers to the film style. It is not a literal "cock and bull", but a English proverb means absurd story, or white lies, groundless statement. This film with black humor on reality base character. The murderer clues to the fate of the characters of suspense film scattered article interwoven together plateau murder kicked off, several protagonists in the pursuit process, intertwined with the fate of. The film is worth pondering a lot more fierce clue: opening soon Liu Ye was wrong to kill, to become one of the suspects. Wang Yanhui (your brother) let him go to the village committee, Liu Ye side repair.相关的主题文章: