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College teachers part-time, "moderation" is the key to the office of the State Office recently issued "on the implementation in order to increase the value of knowledge for a number of opinions" oriented allocation policy that allows researchers and teachers according to the law of moderate and part-time salary, including allowing researchers engaged in part-time job to obtain legal income and allows many university teachers engaged in teaching to obtain legal income. Researchers and teachers in Colleges and universities, after the completion of their own work, moderate part-time, not only to make the value of knowledge, but also to obtain a certain economic returns, the value and significance of doubt. And how to do moderate, part-time and salary in the specific implementation, the key to the process of promoting. To moderate, you need to do the following. First, universities and research institutions need to improve the evaluation system of teachers and research institutions. For college teachers and research staff part-time, we are most worried about is to disperse energy – do not concentrate on doing a good job in school teaching, but to part-time money. This requires a scientific assessment system, while allowing teachers, research staff part-time open and transparent, accept the supervision of teachers and students. In recent years, some college teachers have not exposed in the post but receive compensation "eat empty rates" scandal, because there is no perfect evaluation system of university personnel management, and opaque. Secondly, universities, research institutions to hire part-time teachers, in order to give full play to its knowledge value, not only for utilitarian purposes. China’s Academy of multitask phenomenon has caused widespread concern, some colleges and universities to hire part-time academician, school tokenism, development of "connections", some part-time director is not academician academician also willing to take full and part-time four. Therefore, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Academy of engineering are required to reduce the number of academicians. Visible, originally in order to play a part of the knowledge value, it is likely to be utilitarian use, which requires the use of part-time agencies, there must be a clear assessment mechanism, and the public to hire part-time teachers and students. In addition, it is necessary to clarify the mechanism of the interests of the parties to avoid the part-time as a channel to seek benefits. To this end, universities and research institutions to clear leadership cadres can not be casual, the use of school education resources, academic resources and social institutions for exchange of interests. In the final analysis, this requires universities and research institutions to carry out modern governance reform, the establishment of modern school system and modern scientific research institutions. The implementation of education and academic based management and evaluation, not allowed to interfere with the administration and the interests of education and academic decision-making. For college teachers and researchers, there are two most important systems. First, the implementation of the annual salary system, in order to protect the treatment of teachers and researchers, to avoid the utilitarian education and research, but also to reduce the interests of teachers and researchers to interfere. At present, the basic salary plus bonus payment system, to pass the examination in order to cash compensation, which leads to teachers and researchers eager teachers and researchers will face great pressure to survive. If teachers are forced to get a certain amount of part-time income, it is difficult to reflect the value of knowledge. Therefore, should be based on the protection of the annual salary, to encourage the increase of knowledge value of part-time. Second, the implementation of educational and academic peer evaluation, the establishment of academic community, breaking the interests of the community. If education and scholarship are the interests of the community, then any starting point is very good.相关的主题文章: