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China fake and shoddy goods encroach on the sanitary napkin taboo triggered discussion – Sohu news picture: a woman watching the 2016 women and children care project exhibition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Cheng Photo Reference News Network November 6th British media reported that, in recent years, Chinese consumers experienced fake condoms, alcohol, meat and other events for 40 years, and the sanitary napkin fake is the latest example of Chinese cannot ensure product safety. In late October, police arrested two suspects in Jiangxi, Nanchang, who were accused of producing about 10 million pieces of sanitary napkins in a dirty workshop since 2013, and packaging branded products. Most of them are sold in the countryside. The British "economist" website on November 5th issue published an article that particular age Chinese women most worried about quality of sanitary napkins – even legitimate products sometimes failed to meet safety standards. For many Chinese tourists traveling abroad, sanitary napkins are also one of the items to be purchased (along with Japan’s toilet bowl and designer handbags). The article said, "people’s Daily" an official micro-blog wrote, "girl, for so many years, do you really use sanitary napkins?" Bowen is also equipped with a high leg Ballerina picture. Other articles also give advice on how to identify fake sanitary napkins, such as whether there is a chemical smell, or irregular shape. A netizen had a long list of Chinese consumers need to be wary of things, from the drainage oil to counterfeit drugs etc.. The scandal may also have a positive impact: a once taboo topic has been much more open to discussion. The blood is often considered dirty things; Chinese girls received in response to the menstrual problems very little education. Most women are using sanitary napkins – tampons are expensive, and sold in the shops are few. According to a 2015 survey, only 2% of the Chinese women use tampons, and the use of American women’s rate of 70%. There are 1/3 Chinese women have never heard of tampons. The article said that the Rio Olympics, China swimmer Fu Yuanhui said because of their period in the game did not swim well, this caused a widespread understanding. Many Chinese ask why they can swim at this time. Women in the menstrual China usually avoid eating cold food and sports activities. There are a lot of people praised Fu Yuanhui directly with the "period", rather than "big aunt" is more like a euphemism. Now a broader discussion may make some people realize that people have been bound by the menstrual too long. (compile Wang Diqing)相关的主题文章: