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"Snail" on Wang Ziwen "fairy song" seconds "Xu Woniu" [Abstract] if Wang Ziwen had played the role to give you the deepest impression is "home," N times, "FHM" in weird and funny little girl, then to the "Ode to joy" in Xiao Qu Chiffon is really an upgraded version of this kind of role. The prince who culture detective Wang Ziwen Wang Ziwen played high cold uniforms and Xu Xu [TV] if Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen love flower snail kiss the latest Trailer 1 Tencent entertainment news in the first half of this year Wang Ziwen has just hit the "Ode to joy" in "" out of the sky. Xiao Xiao Qu universal corner was we warmly in the second half of popular suspense love drama "love" if snails have transformed into criminal investigation, love is a high IQ snail "slower" new police Xu xu. In the evening, the Oriental TV broadcast video Tencent "if snails have love", Wang Ziwen’s love can not always receive signal of criminal psychology research talent will be on the line. This "split" this Wang Ziwen Xu Xu, a few words, adorable stay simple, slow, sensitive, delicate and touching, love, bold but cautious to signal receiving incompetence, it is the opposite, "Qu Hui become powerful and intransigent goblin". Wang Ziwen’s "love snail": Xu Xu is very special if Wang Ziwen had played the role to give you the deepest impression is "home," N times, "FHM" in weird and funny little girl, then to the "Ode to joy" in the song Xiao Xiao is really a this kind of role upgrade. Although Wang Ziwen admitted that this role is her best, but does not mean that she can only play such a girl. "If the snail has love", she completely broke the previous image, carefully create a character but not as well as Xu Xu, a genius of criminal psychology research is new, such as a snail slow love can not always receive signal. Xu Xu is very special!" Wang Ziwen’s love for the role, "she has a high IQ, but also very introverted personality, this is before I played really big difference. She is very special, it is entirely dependent on the performance of the inner body to convey the characteristics, such as eyes, gestures, small movements." The heart is always better than putting the role of role is more difficult to perform, Xu Xu play let Wang Ziwen abandoned a lot of things on the show, not too much expression, not too much action, not lively. "The director wants me to look blank." Wang Ziwen said with a smile, "for me, the most important thing is that a little ‘fairy’ things can not be brought to Xu Xushen!" So in a Xushen, see more is a simple, natural Wang Ziwen stay. Xu Xu was Wang Kai Wang Ziwen = "carry to carry out" as Wang Ziwen said, Xu Xu is very special. The original novel for Xu Xu Description: "so small a, even sitting in the chair, like a teenage girl. And the skin is pale color, facial features are very "light". At first glance, like the U.S. drama in the vampire zombies." Wang Ziwen, Xu Xu will set into to see, really right. In the early period, Xu Xu was also Interpol team captain season.相关的主题文章: