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Jimmy Lin, the son of Kimi family portrait painting Guardian handsome twin brother Kimi painting family portrait Kimi brother Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported that the artist Jimmy Lin and wife Chen Ruoyi married 6 years, have 3 sons: Kimi, Jenson and Kyson, the 5 eldest son recently shared family portrait painting, painting and parents for Kimi, he is guarding the 2 little brother, 1 family of 5 was full of warm atmosphere, attracted enthusiastic fans praise cute! Jimmy Lin 1, open Kimi paintings, playful asked: "new works to master black rice," family portrait "the brothers draw very mini, have you found?" In the picture, I saw Kimi the parents painted greatly, a left and right on their side, 2 twin brother Jenson and Kyson is a small, Kimi was put in his arm underneath, like to put brother support around the same. In fact, Jimmy Lin had previously revealed, Kimi love with 2 brothers play very often to the baby, kiss and hold, will pat Jenson and Kyson said, "brother is good" twins love. Therefore, the Kimi family portrait painting after exposure, there are a lot of friends praised the "black brother now is Superman, can protect the brother" and "brother with Kimi wear brothers loaded, it is really lovely and warm. Kimi really became black brother Shiou daughter madness相关的主题文章: