The face can only talk about the tour pal died, don’t talk about responsibility education-jcuv是什么车

The face can only talk about the tour pal died, don’t talk about responsibility education in Guangzhou as an infant mother female tour pal Ren Xiaohong, these days are experiencing the pain of loss of female. Studying at the Panyu Polytechnic Institute as an ER third, always wanted to travel to Xinjiang, before finally. However, after receiving a message from her daughter in Xinjiang in September 23rd to go to Kanas to inform the text, any red no longer receive any news about her daughter. According to fellow travelers said they a pedestrian suddenly encountered rain and snow weather caused the lost, have to walk for five days in the snow, and lived on wild plants and weeds to eat. This was a man lost an infant. Kanas scenic area has said that as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we will never give up the search for missing tourists. To October 5th afternoon, any child was finally found, but has died (according to the "Southern Metropolis Daily"). The relevant departments of the initial judgment, any child is across the river to fall and slide into the rolling river killed after seoul. At this moment, as an infant’s body has been cremated ashes in the local, from the family back to the thousands of kilometers away in Guangzhou. Although people die, but around any children Hiking Adventure Tour pal, still caused some controversy on the internet. Question the voice, including criticism without field exploration experience, "Too Big for Her Skin" tour pal for his family to consider not responsible for rescue operations, "waste" enormous human and material resources, etc.. In recent years, the domestic news have heard the tour pal in distress. Once the tour pal in distress, local governments often use a large number of social resources to rescue. A few years ago in Beijing city had a statistics, the annual outdoor accident occurred a total of 26, involving 99 people, including 1 deaths, 2 people were injured, the use of search and rescue personnel amounted to more than 400 people, average every 5 hours. 18 college students of Fudan University 2012 tour pal was held in Mount Huangshan, the local police Zhang Ninghai died in the rescue operation. After the first because of the students in distress to the family instead of the local police for help, then the police had to rescue the night, and eventually lead to tragedy. A time Public opinion is seething with indignation. The repeated occurrence of such incidents, the media reported that in some ordinary people and users in mind, the formation of distress tour pal "irresponsible", or even "blame" stereotype. That day after have killed the news tour pal, the first reaction is not sympathy, but may be questioned. However, any child in distress and even killed, I am afraid that she can not easily be irresponsible to summarize, the need for specific analysis of specific circumstances. As the article notes, as an infant and its companion in the choice of hiking routes, is located in the scenic area within the regular, is a fairly mature and rich landscape line is not high risk, high strength of the danger zone unmanned area. Unfortunately, they caught up with a sudden snowfall and the road and the scene became difficult. Due to errors of judgment, overnight, going astray. If the establishment of the relevant departments of the judgment, the fatal blow is the child slipped into the water. Any misfortune should be defined as "accident", rather than what is irresponsible. Of course, the lack of rich experience of the people, to go to places, to understand the local geographical characteristics and climate characteristics, make the appropriate preparation, can greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents.相关的主题文章: