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"Small ball" open three "love of the exotic flower round" – sing childhood entertainment Sohu Yang Gen, Zhu Xingjie, Luo Mingjie and sweet photo September 20th afternoon, the animated film "Chibi Maruko" premiere held in a primary school playground. The activities of the scene of the three different styles of flowers are round Jun, flower flower round Luo Mingjie, gentleman edition version through the cool and Yang flower round round flower version of Zhu Xingjie. They are fit for the return of a song of childhood memories. In the activity, known as the variety of small parrots called Yang Gen, continue to interact with the presenters, fully embodies his gift of language. When a reporter asked how to recommend this movie to a friend, Yang Gen said: "there must be my 80 friends, 90 childhood memories of the figure, not to revisit the classic memories of their childhood, we will be old!" The site attracted laughter again and again. Cool Zhu Xingjie and two dimensional metrosexual man beautiful young Luo Mingjie is the color value to play together to carry the heavy responsibility, two people from time to time to put all kinds of imitation flower round posing POSS, attracted the audience screaming constantly. Flower round gentleman in singing "childhood", Luo Mingjie and Zhu Xingjie fully demonstrated the strength of the men to sing and dance, Zhu Xingjie is a reworking, brought out of the ordinary "childhood", received a warm response. Luo Mingjie introduced to just from the movie "flash girl" crew shot, play he played a high cold piano prince. One is from the field back to Beijing to attend this event, since his childhood love is two dimensional animation, the ball for me is a precious memory of childhood. The night premiere interactive sessions, three round flower went live with kids playing a carrot squat, tongue twisters childish game the atmosphere to a climax. "Chibi Maruko" many years later, once again boarded the screen, tells the story of the ball and exchange students from Italy. It is reported that the film will be officially met with the audience on the 23 of this month.相关的主题文章: