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Pakistan experts talk about the G20 summit in Hangzhou   Chinese appreciation action – International – at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, focusing on the challenges, plan the future, advocated the building of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy, condensed into meaning and far-reaching "Hangzhou consensus". And to promote the construction of The Belt and Road "initiative will undoubtedly become an important fulcrum of the implementation of the" Hangzhou consensus ". Although not a member of the G20, but as "The Belt and Road" initiative along the country in recent years, economic and trade cooperation between Pakistan and Chinese has reached a new height; the construction of Pakistan Economic Corridor involves the transportation infrastructure, energy, industrial parks and Gwadar Port Construction and other fields as a "take a road initiative flagship project, has been in Pakistan the full swing. Domestic and foreign experts and scholars are also highly concerned about the Hangzhou G20 summit. The G20 summit in Hangzhou at a time when the Pakistan Senate defense committee chairman Mushahid? Hossain in an interview with CCTV reporter said, the G20 summit in Hangzhou at the right time, global economic growth is slow, need to lead the global innovation ushered in a new round of growth and development; Chinese as the summit host, coordination of the world’s major economies in the development of cooperation agree with the strong economic power as the basis, with Chinese development mode, to drive the global common usher in new opportunities for growth. Hossain, chairman of the Pakistan Senate Defense Committee, said: "the growth of the economy must be based on innovation," said Mr. Mushahid. President Xi Jinping also stressed in his speech, the necessity to establish an open economy, it is necessary to exclude the trade protectionism. In twenty-first Century, the global economy is becoming independent and interconnected. Mushahid also appreciated the inclusion of the inclusion of the G20 summit in Hangzhou. This summit not only invited 8 developing economies as observers to attend the summit, the summit’s achievements but also fully embodies the global economy inclusive; "let’s group of twenty benefits of global cooperation" concept, also makes G20 more representative and more extensive influence, which is Chinese as the summit host country, special efforts. Hossain, chairman of the Senate Defense Committee in Pakistan, Mushahid: many developing countries will feel that the G20 summit represents a broader development aspirations and interests of developing countries. Pakistan scholar China action Pakistan veteran commentator praised Harry for G20 Sultan? Hangzhou summit, Chinese showed highly action. He said that China is undergoing changes — the mode of economic growth, rely more on innovation driven; in energy saving and emission reduction, focusing on the development of the concept of environmental protection China has implemented effective measures, China government is willing to share economic development dividends to the world, "The Belt and Road" initiative will benefit all countries along the people in Pakistan Pakistan Economic Corridor, the construction is underway, which will also improve local people’s livelihood, bring tangible development for Pakistan. Pakistan veteran commentator Sultan? Harry: President Xi Jinping stressed that members of the G20 are determined to bring new achievements for the development of the world economy, and to the world of Qing Dynasty)相关的主题文章: