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Edison Chan Losangeles buy luxury bathroom all around the transparent glass compartment Beijing – Beijing in October 14, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud reports, Hongkong artist Edison Chan previously to girlfriend Qin Shupei in micro-blog with indecent words up to scold Lin Chiling, set off a series of storm, let his image down again. But he and his lover’s feelings but seems to be more firm, they love hot, also traced the purchase of houses in Losangeles, spending $2 million 850 thousand to nest. According to U.S. media reports, Edison Chan and his girlfriend in August to buy a mansion near Hollywood, spent $2 million 850 thousand dollars, covers an area of about 122 Ping, separated the 5 room, living room with open design, also has many foreign large French window, daylighting is quite good. While the single family home is not only the backyard pool, also equipped with Spa facilities, the most special is, whether it is indoor bathroom bathtub or shower space, surrounded by transparent glass partitions, quite interesting design. In fact, Edison Chan Qin Shupei called Lin Chiling a gas explosion in order to "bitch", although the public perception of poor, many users a message that he was rude, rude words, but Qin Shupei felt very close: "I actually did not think so much, what also didn’t blame him, only is very grateful to him." Because the other side is willing to stand up to speak for her, so she was very touched, I think he is a man!" It seems instead of Edison Chan more and more hell-bent.相关的主题文章: