New song won the popular Xu Geyang Wang was eliminated-小坂めぐる

"New song" favourites Xu Geyang Wang Chenrui eliminated Xu Geyang XLZY the Sina entertainment news for three months of Zhejiang satellite TV [micro-blog] "China new song" 20:00 tonight at the bird’s nest in the finals, four teams of six students to launch the final impact to the championship. Among them, Wang Feng [micro-blog] group of Xu Geyang with a strong penetration and explosive voice, in line with their own characteristics of the precise selection of songs and the previous performance of the stadium has become a big win. Not expected, the first personal concert ended, Xu Geyang lost to Wang Chenrui, out of the accident. Before, Xu Geyang in the new song competition is also controversial, indecent video, hype and other negative news ridden, so that the pressure is not small. But she with a high degree of recognition of a smoke voice and consistently strong typhoon or prove their strength, in the last few games, in addition to singing his own good pop rock song, she has the courage to challenge themselves, in the "nest sprint night" Twelve Jin six such key games, she also dare for the first time into rap elements, with the song "alien" shows his attitude is not the same as others! More professional critics like the "different from ordinary people, and praised her rise above the common herd", as a young fledgling mei. Such personality, she also gradually gained more and more people appreciate, until the bird’s nest final stage, becoming a popular candidate to win. Tonight, Xu Geyang chose the song "Butterfly", although she was good at rock music, but amazing performance before a few period compared to the match, this song tonight’s interpretation can only be said to be too reactive, critics "ear emperor" also said: "Xu Geyang" Butterfly ", the song selection is not very good, do not take with her temperament, she has been in line with the song before the election with a script line, from the dream, hurt, tears, to rampage, without hesitation, to create a strong and sincere, modest personality, but in the end the" Butterfly ", may want to create a complete metamorphosis sense, but sing lack of shock, but this song melodies and lyrics are enchanting, and some of her personal conflicts." Nevertheless, many users still look forward to its next round of performance. However, only after the round of the concert, Xu Geyang because the votes not enemy Wang Chenrui, midfielder was eliminated, and even missed the cut three. The ending also led the teacher Wang Feng exclaimed: "a little sudden." Na Ying was a student of Wang Chenrui finally open throat singing brother in the nest of the classical repertoire "current situation", pure emotional singing will bring us the memories of the years, filled with warmth and style. But in the end, but unfortunately eliminated. (XLZY) (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: