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family education | parent-child picture book tasting Manual 1, music research shows that learning music can make children smarter. In the standardized test, the students who studied music performed better than the other students. An experiment even pointed out that piano lessons can significantly improve iq. 2, eat a good breakfast child’s brain needs many nutrients, such as glucose, iron, vitamin A, B, zinc and folic acid (vitamin B). Children who eat breakfast have a good memory and a high degree of concentration. Is the best breakfast cereals and oatmeal, rather like Cap’n Crunch so sugary cereals. There is evidence that breastfeeding helps to improve the child’s resistance and iq. 3, play video games (Note: it is appropriate!!!) Video games help improve a variety of skills. According to a study by the University of California at Berkeley found that video games can improve hand eye coordination, problem solving ability, reasoning ability, image recognition ability, judgment ability, hypothesis testing ability, resource management ability, quick thinking and rapid reaction ability, memory, spatial perception ability and decision-making ability. 4, limiting the child watching TV time, of course, a long time to do something counterproductive. Children still need to cut down on time to do homework or develop their social skills. 5, must let the child free play for children, free play is a very important part, but also for their growth is very important. If the parents are always on the side or tube too much, easy to make children have psychological problems. Free play can not only help children develop cognitive and social skills, but also enable them to grow up to be happy and healthy adults. 6, 20 minutes of exercise in Sweden, a study based on the population of the age of 1 million and 18 showed that health is closely related to a person’s iq. It is not clear how exercise affects the development of the brain, but studies have shown that if 9 to 10 years of age before the test of physical exercise for the past 20 minutes, test scores were significantly improved. 7. Reading with children has long been known that reading helps to improve children’s intelligence. Children who often read write and perform better than others. If parents do not have so much time, it is also helpful to have a book with the children. 8, let the children go to bed early at the Standford Institute in California, the study shows that the regular working hours of children in language, mathematics and reading, etc.. Preschool children should have at least 11 hours of sleep, and at least 10 hours of sleep should be guaranteed by the age of 12. 9, encourage children to try more, do not focus on the results of the children may be very clever, but painting相关的主题文章: