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U.S. media said China’s Arctic ambitions are forming in Iceland Aurora Observatory (observer network synthesis) near the Arctic Circle of Kell and (Karholl), China, Iceland, the two countries have taken a step forward. The Associated Press November 16 reported that the joint construction of the two countries, the aurora Observatory Observatory (Aurora) is expected to be officially opened in the fall of next year. This is another achievement in recent years, cooperation between the two countries. China on the Arctic’s ambition is gradually forming the remote valley of Iceland. Aurora observatory to complete the construction of the imagination of the aurora Observatory Observatory The Associated Press, the observatory by the China Polar Research Center and the Iceland Research Center (the Icelandic Centre for Research) jointly established. The Chinese side will provide funds for construction and will be accepted by scientists from China, Iceland and other countries next year. According to Xinhua News Agency reported earlier, the observatory is located in Iceland’s second largest city of Akureyri city called "Hector Kell" farm. On the edge of the Arctic Circle, in the earth’s night side laser leucorrhea, is an ideal place for monitoring the earth’s magnetosphere explosive activity "sub auroral detonation". Iceland morning news, the project began in 2012, the construction cost of about 2 million 200 thousand euros. Limited to the domestic law of Iceland, the project site to purchase from Iceland. After the completion of the ownership of the facility will be leased to the China Polar Research Center, Iceland, which provides financial support for the deduction of rent. After completion, scientists from around the world will be able to carry out long-term observations of the aurora and associated space weather. Construction of the aurora Observatory and the center for the construction of a tourist center. Local residents are also aimed at the business, have set up the Kennedy family hotel and spa. Starting from economic cooperation Iceland was initially close to China for economic purposes. When the financial crisis broke out in 2008, Iceland’s banking sector collapsed. Iceland crown diving, unemployment surge, the Iceland government was on the verge of bankruptcy. At that time, Iceland was badly in need of a partner who could help them out of trouble. In June 2010, Iceland and China signed a currency swap agreement with a total value of 3 billion 500 million yuan (about $66 billion), in order to promote bilateral trade and investment in Iceland. Three years later, the two countries signed a free trade agreement. This is the first time that China has signed free trade agreements with European countries. With the support of Iceland, China in 2013 won the Arctic Council observer status, but also participated in the year sponsored by the Iceland forum of the Arctic circle. China Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Ming attended the 2015 Arctic forum "the polar magazine" (Polar Journal) editor, Washington Werwilson global center researcher Anne · (Anne-marie Brady); Brady said: "China in many aspects of economic, political, scientific research, strategy and so on have an interest in the arctic. But what they want now is to ensure that they can participate in the decision-making and strive for all open interests. Therefore, it is no better to have such a friendly country as Iceland." The two countries are currently discussing.相关的主题文章: