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She was the most beautiful old Qiong Yao girl why can be so fast? The Sina entertainment column boiled   deep eight movie Caro, He Meitian wrote last week in a row, see the old the youthful face, his eyes had climbed up on the visible fine lines, could not help but sigh time flies, fleeting. See today Vivian Chan Guangzhou attended an event, especially this kind of feeling…… The photo of her, wearing a pink skirt, is a photo or a slightly thick makeup look, this completely unlike her, nasolabial folds out, really not easy star, like every act and every move is put under the microscope observation, one not careful, is likely to be photographed is not too good photos, and with "the neck wrinkles", "pink skirt pretending" title, at the age of 42 may be a little swollen wrinkles are not well, at least this is very nice, a small woman’s tender, beauty in news ~ underneath, said she was still a goddess, this state is kept well, some people say she is not suitable for heavy makeup, and maintenance is very poor. Indeed, as early as ten years ago, users will open Posts PA, Vivian Chan is typical of the bone surface beauty, beauty, so the old faster than older collagen, not too much on the face, easy to look old. Compared with this like Ye Yiqian and like Li Xiaoran finishing 88 figure, more love when young Vivian Chan lovingly pathetic pity. —- I’m famous young line — Vivian Chan was born in Taiwan, mom and Dad had three daughters, two elder sister elder sister Chen Yarong is her manager, she is seven years old, is the youngest in the family because of reason, one family are particularly favor her, a family portrait, Vivian Chan is the most brilliant in the face. When she was 9 years old because the studio boss put the photos in the window, and see the talent scouts to explore, but then the family considering her age is too small, until the age of 13, had promised to shoot a group of cosmetic advertisements, as the exclusive model. This is the ad screenshot, hair fresh and neat, there is little boys around. Subsequently, Vivian Chan took her occupation career first film, directed by Chen Kuo-Fu’s "junior high school girls", as a quiet man, but as a friend of the show girl, big eyes water Lingling good people love ~ she started out there, because too popular, but also led to a contract dispute, Shao Shihe I really appreciate her, but she chose advanced Shaw, Run Run Shaw very love her, in addition to provide accommodation allowance, according to the friend said, Vivian Chan was filming, but also with the Run Run Shaw theatre, eat, this is the two people visit the the Great Wall pictures, and a gossip: mother Vivian Chan and Joey Wong mother is a primary school classmate, Vivian Chan Shaw was just signed, Joey Wong lived in the dormitory, because eating too much fat Joey Wong share a delicacy, take effect The play, then said: "Mom can’t stay with Joey Wong!" In this way, she signed Shaw film, to the development of Hongkong. One went to Hongkong, the style is not all right…… In 1990, "hell" brother, Vivian Chan underwear exposed Chunguangwaixie)相关的主题文章: