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Henan Zhongmu "stale" agricultural demonstration area illegally built villa chaos Beijing – Beijing September 14 Zhengzhou Xinhua (reporter Qi Yong) 4 years of construction, the introduction of dozens of enterprises, most of them are stalled or semi stagnation. While a few enterprises in normal operation, there are two families of agricultural enterprises, and serious illegal. Recently, the masses that have held three consecutive session of the Henan Zhongmu "Carnival" agricultural demonstration zone, is farther from the theme park, chaos. Public information: the construction of Agricultural Park Comprehensive Agricultural Demonstration Park good vision, to promote the process of agricultural modernization, increase farmer income, the function of agricultural production, science and Technology Park, ecological sightseeing, etc. as a whole, because it is the desire of quality, efficiency and income, so since then, the country would borrow with the help of policies for a time to blossom everywhere. As a large agricultural county of Zhongmu, because of the unique advantages of close to the provincial capital of Zhengzhou, the policy dividend soon. In China’s agricultural planning online show, Zhongmu national modern agricultural demonstration zone was approved by the Ministry of agriculture in 2012. Zhongmu modern agricultural demonstration zone located in the north of Zhongmu County side Yanming Town, called Zhongmu, the local national agricultural park, covers an area of nearly acres, north to south of Dingcun River, ditch, West Yanming Avenue, three ring road, facing the water. Plans a total investment of 3 billion 500 million yuan, 6 main functions of construction facilities agricultural demonstration zone, quality of fruits and vegetables demonstration area, cultural and creative agriculture demonstration area, high quality aquatic demonstration area, demonstration area of high-grade flowers and comprehensive management service area partition. Data show that the demonstration area is now settled in enterprises, Wanbang International Garden Show, hot springs, oak manor, Zhengzhou Lingyun future agriculture and farming in China, Foxconn solar Guangli biological factory, neomangiferin group, Canada International, pale flowers, incense man Zhiyi manor, manor, manor, lake country into a fine of Phalaenopsis fruits and vegetables 14. Among them, the national 1 leading enterprises, 2 provincial leading enterprises, foreign enterprises 3. Demonstration area construction has won the national agricultural science and Technology Park, the National Youth Popular agricultural demonstration base, national science education base in Henan Province, agricultural science and Technology Park of Zhengzhou City, the honorary title of popular science education base. Zhongmu modern agricultural demonstration zone of agricultural project Qi Yongshe weedy field survey: Agricultural Demonstration Zone chaos however, won numerous honors of the Zhongmu modern agricultural demonstration zone, but recently frequently encountered complaints, said the park has many illegally built villas, some open external sales. But at this time of Zhengzhou, an effort to jump up prices. An agricultural demonstration zone, why are there villa sale? In September 6th, the reporter for several days to conduct unannounced visits to the demonstration area. On the afternoon of 6, under the leadership of the local villagers, the reporter came to the demonstration area of oak Yuen "villa" project, see many rows of "villa" body has been completed, all the periphery with brick or fence around. Outside the wall with crops such as corn, green wall free, large scale, good environment. Reporters saw inside, these villas are not the same. According to the sales staff, these built villa a total of 12.相关的主题文章: