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Don’t give it 15 minutes to find grounds for efficient fat burning up review: you know, winter is the accumulation of fat in the season, especially the clothes wear thick will be more bloated. But don’t give up on yourself, practice 15 minutes a day of high fat burning! Source: fashion COSMO do not give the fat to find reasons for 15 minutes of high efficient fat burning do not give fat to find reasons! 15 minutes to burn fat! Action 11, squat: legs and shoulders with the width of the hands parallel to do squat action, a group of 20. 22, lunges: arms akimbo, forward leg lunge squat, left leg right leg alternately with 10-15 as a group. Action 33, cross jump: legs cross jump, hands up and clap, lasting 20-30 seconds for a group. 44, push ups: arms support on the ground, legs together to do push ups, 8-12 as a group. 55 jump: upright and prone push ups transform into action, and then jump to erect 1 movements and lasts 15-30 seconds for a group. 66, push up upgrade: push up action, but not with his feet to support the ground, but a knee upgrade edition, 15-30 seconds for a group. 77, single leg Taitun: lying on the ground, hands on both sides of the body. The left leg arch to support the ground, the right leg raised, to maintain this action with the waist and abdomen to lift the buttocks, 15 as a group. 88, place: upright, legs alternate kick back kick to the instep affixed to the buttocks as a standard action for 20-30 seconds. 99, after the kick: single leg knees, arms to support the ground, the other leg over backwards, each leg 10-25, alternately.相关的主题文章: