The number of all the men to lend them false debt arrears to their new network in prison 高达08ms小队

The number of all the men lent debt arrears false himself sent to prison – Beijing Beijing in September 18 Hangzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter correspondent Wang Gang Xiao Fa) lend money after many times noisy, do not want the other phone became empty, people were missing. Under the impulse of the lender a high to the local public security organ Baojia that the opposite party stole their money. 18, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Xiaoshan District People’s court held a public hearing of the case, and the crime of false accusation and sentenced the defendant to a high of six months imprisonment, suspended for one year. December 2014, a high and a friend introduced by a friend. January 2015, Yu to do business on the grounds of money to borrow money to a high. A high through Alipay lent more than a 10 thousand yuan. 19 month, two people meet in Xiaoshan. Chat in a high. There is a just charge 30 thousand yuan bank card to my car. I will propose a more than 30 thousand yuan to him, and said a month after the return of multiple. Listening to a very high heart, agreed to take away the bank card, and told him the password. After the end of the year, Yu said his children need money for surgery, a high and took out 10 thousand yuan in cash to lend a. In March 2015, Yu Mou and a high to borrow money, said that if the money can not borrow, before the money is not available. So before a high to be taken away by a bank card playing 10 thousand yuan. Since then, a high number of phone calls, text messages to the other to recover the debt, I always say, and so on. In May 2015, out of the final amount of 3500 yuan, more than one disappeared, do not answer the phone, people can not find, the mobile phone has become empty. In July 1st, not to respond to a high of more than one, ran to the public security police, lied to their own bank card was stolen more than a total of 40 thousand yuan, which is stolen. After the public security organs alarm immediately launched an investigation in July 8th, Yu Mou is criminal detention. While a high is also aware of the serious consequences of false reporting, for the next day voluntarily surrendered to the public security organs, said he just wanted to help Baojia police found more than one. In August 7, 2015, check out the affair, the public security organs immediately released more than a. On the 18 day of the trial, a high expressed regret, I did not expect his momentary impulse, not only let Yu was detained for a month, he was sent to prison. Eventually, a high get a certain understanding, and no longer to recover to 40 thousand yuan before their own money. Due to the high of a plea, the court sentences, made the above decision. (end)相关的主题文章: