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Prepaid card consumer complaints over 3 with an average annual growth rate of nearly 500 billion of the market without the supervision of the national prepaid card consumer complaints with an average annual growth rate of over 3, nearly 500 billion yuan market supervision "and" membership card of Henan’s largest fitness Enterprises — one of Zhengzhou weiti Fashion Fitness Club limited company, in May 2015 suddenly closed thank. More than 200 consumers in more than 5 million yuan prepaid amount by the trap, damage to the interests of. To this end, they have lasted more than a year of rights, recently again to the Zhengzhou Municipal Industry and commerce, public security, commerce and other functional departments of complaints, get the same answer three: do not return to me". "Economic Reference News" reporter witnessed the prepaid card rights, the "buck" phenomenon behind, commerce, public security, industry and commerce departments are not as prominent phenomenon, exposed many loopholes in the prepaid card access threshold is low, the lack of supervision and other long-standing. Correct people membership card recently several people in Zhengzhou to the "Economic Reference News" reporters reflect Zhengzhou large chain of fitness fitness business in May last year, suddenly closed, more than 200 consumer rights have been infringed. A member of Mr Cheng told reporters that the dimension of fitness in addition to swimming, fitness facilities, also includes guest rooms, catering, leisure etc.. At the beginning of a warm and thoughtful service, the chain seems to be trustworthy". So, Mr. Cheng spent 15 thousand yuan in Cape Luowang Shi a membership card branch office. I did not expect a notice did not, suddenly closed." Zheng said, even more so that he is angry, just a week before the close of the door, the body of the client manager is also on the grounds of preferential induction of his new recharge 30 thousand yuan. More than consumers reflect, in the physical fitness closed shop closed on the eve of their own had been induced by the customer manager to recharge. According to the dimensional body rights on behalf of the statistics, only the company has 208 branch Cape Luowang Shi members, relates to the prepaid card balance of more than 5 million yuan. The membership registration information, single card balance at least 2000 yuan, up 90 thousand yuan. In addition, there are a lot of "card" and "private lessons" and forget the balance of the consumers are not included in the statistics. Reporters learned that the body is suddenly closed due to the original body fitness body chairman Hu Jijian investment real estate, capital chain broken. The second half of 2015 with a name for spruce industrial capital injection, the original dimension of body’s stores quietly changed its name to "spruce fitness". In this regard, consumers reflect, but despite the management or make only superficial changes, the original face, store or the original site, weiti members also received a phone call the customer manager spruce fitness "to the original card balance and can continue to use, to pay a sum of money." In recent years, the fitness industry prepaid card issuance has become a practice, the scale continues to grow. However, due to the current market access threshold is low, lack of supervision, prepaid card consumption has become a high incidence of disputes. State Administration for Industry and commerce data show that in 2015 the national prepaid card consumer complaints reached 29 thousand and 300, of which the health industry complaints up to 27.3%. Complaints are mainly concentrated in the business without authorization to terminate the service, closed foot and so on, and some even相关的主题文章: