5 year old girl seriously injured panda blood volunteers stay in the hospital overnight-homefront

5 year old girl injured for panda blood volunteers in the hospital stay overnight in Beijing – September 6th, a 5 year old Xuzhou girl in the neighborhood to play, is the cement column hit on the head, found in the hospital, the child is rare panda blood". In order to save the child, the family on the Internet for help, netizens to act quickly, after 2 days to solve the problem of blood, friends and even in the hospital overnight for the squat, to act as "blood". However, the child eventually due to heavy injuries, died in September 9th. Touching is in grief, the family made the decision to donate their organs –. Yangzi Evening News Network reporter Ma Zhiya looking for "panda blood" on September 6th at 5 pm, a village of Pizhou Town Officer, 5 year old Tong Lili went out to play for a long time, has gone home. My family came to a nearby abandoned precast slab for small workshop, in the workshop, the family found Lily fell on the ground, head below the ground is full of blood, but with a cement column next to the blood. Li Li was rushed to the local hospital, and went to Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical College overnight. The doctor performed the operation quickly, found Lili is Rh negative blood type O, is commonly known as the "panda blood", to children in 400 ml blood transfusion, the hospital has no inventory, and the children still need 400-600 ml. In September 7th, lily family posted on the web for help, WeChat, micro-blog forum, circle of friends, help information is spread rapidly. Many users have a message asking to donate blood to their children, some users in the field, but also said that if you need to be willing to go to Xuzhou overnight blood donation. One night when the "blood" volunteers Dunshou soon, Xuzhou Red Cross Blood Center also learned this information. According to the chief of the blood center introduced Jin Yiyuan, through blood contact, many eligible volunteers responded to the call. Lili said the family, through the Red Cross Blood Center, some volunteers quickly rushed to the hospital, there is a how are unwilling to name a female volunteer said she was in the hospital kept at any time, children need her at any time the blood transfusion in the hospital for volunteers for the entire night. The morning of September 8th, Lili treatment required "panda blood" has been prepared. However, unfortunately, the child because of severe brain injury, and ultimately failed to rescue. The children in the family donated organs of netizens marvel, Lily’s family and make a compelling decision to donate their organs. Xuzhou City Red Cross staff told reporters that Lily was announced after the hospital, her family soon contacted the red cross. Lily’s father Liu Yi told reporters, after the children were injured, get a lot of good people to care about. Although the child is gone, but he felt that he should use a special way to return to the community, after discussion, family members have agreed to donate their organs, "let the children do what at last for the society, also hope that by helping others, let the child’s life continues to get another." September 10th at 7:33 in the morning, in the hospital ward, held a brief and solemn ceremony, the doctor announced that 5 year old li.相关的主题文章: