3 year old girl was late for class in the classroom two shouted I refused the money – in Beijing drop dead diva

3 year old girl was late for class in the classroom two shouted "I refused the money – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Luo Xuemei) weekend training courses, a late 3 year old girl to enter the classroom, two said" I have money". It surprised, also with children on the training course of ADA yesterday, she will this matter to the circle of friends, friends attracted hundreds of comments. The two time the little girl said, "I have money." last Saturday, Ms. Zheng took her daughter to a training institution on the graffiti experience class, due to traffic jam on the road, they arrived, was late for 20 minutes. The teacher training institutions ADA is recommended to give up this class, she explained to Ms. Zheng: when in bother is class of children and teachers; in addition, the class had been half in some children did not hear, will affect the learning effect and interest. As Ms Zheng explained and apologized to her daughter, a 3 year old girl walked up to the teacher and said, "Auntie, I have to go to class." The teacher learned the little girl to the class has started 20 minutes, told the girl, now can not go in, only about the next class. However, the little girl was a little angry, loudly said: "Auntie, I have money." Ms. Zheng looked up, she saw a bundle of two small braids, wearing plaid shirt, read the text of the quiet little girl standing in front of the teacher. The teacher explained that he could not go into the classroom, and the little girl went out, but in two minutes, the little girl came again. "Teacher, I want to, I have money." The little girl said again. The teacher refused him again, and the little girl had to go out again. Every month, a child says, "I have money," Ms. Cheng was surprised by the child’s behavior, but the teacher said it was commonplace. "The teacher said to the front desk to work here for a long time, the girl is not the first to say their rich kids, said their money or money, father mother is rich kids have several. When the demands are not met, they will say such words, want the teacher to meet their requirements." But none of them succeeded. For example, this time, we are actually telling the kids that money is not everything, not all problems can be solved with money." The teacher said. – education experts say family education on children values "from a child’s behavior, can see the problems in family education." Chongqing 12355 youth desk consultant Zhang Jingbei said, 3 years old of children did not have a correct concept of money, "from her, we can see that the value of family, parents consciously or unconsciously to transfer her ‘money can fix everything" values, and parents are not aware that this is a a problem." "Children encounter such a thing, parents can tell her that the use of money is very wide, but there are limitations. And punctuality is one of the most basic requirements, not the other can be replaced." Zhang Jingbei said that some parents have no restrictions on children, so that their free development, which is wrong, the need for proper guidance of parents.相关的主题文章: