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2 million in the Taiwanese mainland, is an important force to curb the independence of the original title: Taiwan to the mainland youth development, Hong Xiuzhu, to survive | glacier observation Author: Ren takan source: public number "glacier think tank" Chinese KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu arrived in Nanjing in October 30th, for a few days of the visit to the mainland. Among them, in November 2nd, will be the first Taiwan and Taiwan students to discuss, and then participate in the Forum on the peaceful development of cross-strait discussions. Data show that the current Taiwanese, Taiwan students in mainland China to work, study, life, the number reached about 2000000, there is only a single Shanghai of about 500000. Although some people criticized some of them, while there is crying out to the other side of the Taiwan independence, they are reluctant to abandon the renminbi, and then come to money, but overall, the current residence in the mainland Taiwanese, is the most easy for the Kuomintang for ticket bunker, although many people deeply disappointed to support the KMT, dpp. The KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu in Taiwan but the latest polls show that support independent digital fell from 70% to 60%. Fell to the bottom of the KMT can seize the opportunity to reverse the public opinion in 2020 to regain power, involving a lot of things, but if you can seize the youth issue, you can play a multiplier effect. Whether the KMT lost power in the mainland, or lost the ruling power of Taiwan, mostly due to the loss of the support of young people caused by. Taiwan youth 22K spell Taiwan economy from the last century, the beginning of 60s, until 2000, the average annual growth rate of 8.6%, not only become famous the "four little dragons" of Asia, and the disparity between the rich and the poor is very small, the highest income of 10% population, wealth amount is roughly 4~6 times the lowest income population of 10%. In the same period, the proportion of Taiwan’s total GDP in mainland China, in 1980 was 13.7% in 1990 reached the highest point of 43.8%, and then gradually declined, by the year of 2000, still up to 29.7%. The comparison of economic growth across the Taiwan Strait (1951-2011) but from the beginning of 2000, Taiwan serious economic stall, dropped to around 3.7%. By 2015, Taiwan’s GDP has been reduced to only 4.7% of the mainland, in the provinces, only ranked sixth, the first five are Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Henan, close to six provinces of Taiwan and Sichuan, Hebei, Hubei etc.. Admittedly, this GDP data statistics, the size and quality of its own water level, can not generalize. But specific to personal income, you can really compare some. In Taiwan, the income, the most widely circulated is the so-called "22K", that is to say, newly recruited college students, wage income every month for NT $22 thousand, equivalent to RMB 4700 yuan today. The worst problem lies, the salary has been maintained for nearly 20 years. If the salary can not reflect the picture, then the entry after the wage growth rate is better able to explain the problem. In 2014, Taiwan economic rebound, Wei相关的主题文章: