2 days of organized prostitution in a spa 159 times! 7 men and women awaiting trialsayu-02

2 days of organized prostitution in a spa 159 times! 7 men and women awaiting trial shake! A spa in Fuding was the big shelter evil people and countenance evil practices! 7 people have been arrested for the crime of organizing prostitution and assisting in the crime of organizing prostitution. At present, the case has been handed over to the court. In November 2015, Dai Mouhai, a defendant, contracted a certain spa center in Fuding from a forest somewhere at the price of 2 million 600 thousand yuan. To seek illegal interests, wearing a sea to operate the sauna and massage services on behalf of the organization of the prostitution of women engaged in prostitution with the single service price of 600 yuan. To this end, wearing a sea in mid January 2016 to hire staff responsible for the relevant work. The job content supervisor is responsible for the management of forest Yemou spa daimou through financial affairs personnel responsible for payroll, settlement and commission affairs piaozi afterwards, because wearing a sea to the field of business, then place by Ye Moulin. During the period agreed by Dai Mouhai, Ye Lin hired staff on February 17, 2016 at 14 o’clock, Fuding police according to the law of the spa prosecution seized 4 prostitutes and 4 prostitutes on the spot and arrested the defendant, Dai Moutong, Wang Mouqiang, Lin, Chi Mouwang Moufeng et al., and from wearing a body and at the bar, seized business statistics, watches and other documents the documents reflect the February 15th – 17 day, that is to say, in just 2 days, the spa prostitution 159 times, profit 92992 yuan! In recent years, the impact of the environment, a lot of entertainment "club" of the day is not easy, some old "club" can not be changed into the operating mode, coupled with the economic environment is not good, enterprise benefits decline, spending declined. After the introduction of the eight regulations, the consumption of senior reception is reduced, and the turnover of clubs is reduced accordingly. In the crisis, some "clubs" do not hesitate to "take risks", embarked on the Yellow drug-related road is not return…… At present, the case is under trial, so please pay attention to it! >

一水疗中心2天组织卖淫159次!7名男女等待审判震撼!福鼎某水疗中心竟是藏污纳垢的大淫窝!7人涉嫌组织卖淫罪、协助组织卖淫罪,现已被抓。目前案件已移交法院检察机关指控。2015年11月间,被告人戴某海以人民币260万元的价格从林某某处转包福鼎市某水疗中心。为谋取非法利益,戴某海以经营桑拿、按摩等服务项目的名义组织卖淫女,以单次性服务600元的价格从事卖淫活动。为此,戴某海于2016年1月中旬聘请人员负责相关工作。被告人 职务 工作内容叶某林 主管 负责组织管理该水疗中心全部事务戴某通 财务 负责人员工资发放、结算嫖资及提成等事务事后,因戴某海到外地经商,遂将场所交由叶某林管理。期间,经戴某海同意,叶某林聘请以下人员 2016年2月17日14时许,福鼎市公安民警依法对该水疗中心进行检察当场查获4名卖淫女及4名嫖娼人员,抓获被告人戴某通、池某旺、王某强、林某枫等人,并从戴某通身上及吧台处,查获营业统计表、计钟表等单据上述单据体现2月15日—17日间,也就是说,在仅仅2天的时间里,该水疗中心组织卖淫了159次,获利92992元!近几年受环境影响不少娱乐“会所”的日子也不好过,一些老牌“会所”未能时俱进转变经营方式,加之经济大环境不好,企业效益下滑,开销下降。八项规定出台后,高级接待消费减少,“会所”的营业额就跟着减少。在危机重重下一些“会所”不惜“铤而走险”,走上了涉黄涉毒的不归之路……目前,案件正在审理中,敬请关注!>相关的主题文章: