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17 meters high Flower Festival National Day will reproduce the Tiananmen   the completion of the appearance of the original 25 – tourism Channel original title: the national flower festival will be reproduced in front of the Tiananmen Great Hall of the people in front of the 17 meter high flower renderings. Beijing Municipal Bureau of landscape planning for both sides of Tiananmen square green program. Northwest corner of Jianguomen – innovation leading flower renderings. Effect of planting flowers along the Chang’an Avenue map. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal Landscaping Bureau, this year during the national day, Tiananmen square will reproduce 17 meters high giant flower beds, and will continue to accompany the capital of the public until mid October. In addition, the layout of the Chang’an Avenue flower beds will be integrated into the Long March, Winter Olympics elements. The holiday – National Day holiday for 7 days according to the notice of the general office of the State Council on 2016 part of the holiday, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday for 3 days, National Day holiday 7 days. The Mid Autumn Festival from September 15th to September 17th vacation days off, a total of 3 days. Work on September 18th (Sunday). From October 1st to October 7th National Day vacation days off, a total of 7 days. October 8th (Saturday), (Sunday). Notification requirements, during the holidays, all localities and departments should make proper arrangements on duty and security work, in case of major emergencies, according to the provisions of timely reporting and proper disposal, to ensure that the people’s peaceful through holiday. Decorate the giant Flower Square – reproduction of the Municipal Gardens Bureau responsible person, during the National Day this year, the theme of "blessing of the motherland, the flower will reproduce the Tiananmen square. The flower beds will continue last year’s basket shape. Among them, the flower bed 17 meters high, basket height of 15.3 meters, diameter of 50 meters long. The basket body design reference Qing Dynasty painter Ding Liangguang "four basket" of the paintings, and with the blessing of the motherland "and" celebrate "text and the 1949 to 2016 year. Center flower size consistent with previous years, flower peony, Magnolia, lotus, rose, with "plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum etc.. According to reports, the flower beds around will also install adjustable transform lights by changing the lighting effect, the effect is more rich and colorful flowers of the night. Tiananmen square in the East and west sides, with 12, 18 style curd and 5000 square meters with flowers to decorate style green, also for the first time using a laser projection method. Layout of the theme of the long march in Chang’an Avenue along the flower bed, from Jianguomen to Dongdan junction will be arranged five flower beds. In the northeast corner of the revival will be placed in a group to reflect the long march theme of the flower bed. Flower content will also integrate into the Beijing World Horticultural Exposition Olympics and other elements. For the 2019 Beijing World Horticultural Exposition and the 2022 Winter Olympics warm-up, the northeast corner of Dongdan "coordinated development" flower beds will be composed of three landscape elements of Beijing Tianjin hebei. In the flower beds will also design related elements in World Horticultural Exposition and the Winter Olympics winter sports. In addition, in addition to the Tiananmen square and along the Chang’an Avenue important nodes of flower arrangement, the reporter understands, this will also in Chang’an Avenue along the Jianguomen to Fuxingmen, 25 thousand square meters of flower planting, flower arrangement containers 100 groups, to highlight the festive atmosphere. )相关的主题文章: